Alpha generation, beyond the digital natives

The education of a person is a process is a process where numerous factors influence. To think that all this path depends exclusively on the parents is absurd since the environment in which the child develops has consequences in the way he sees life. A good example is found in the new technologies that gave rise to digital natives, that is, those children who grew up surrounded by these devices.

However, the advance of science is vertiginous and the technologies they have increased their presence in our lives, making them practically indispensable. In fact, the digital natives have lagged behind and have given rise to the so-called Alpha generation. What characterizes them? From Wired Consulting help clarify certain concepts in this regard.

Presence of new technologies

While digital natives have developed along with numerous technologies, the Alfa generation has had them at their reach from the cradle. We are talking about those babies who have been given a touch screen, allowing them to learn to manage these devices even before they develop other skills such as speech.

Something that leads, in the long run, to a more habitual use of new technologies by minors in all their areas. In turn, this causes concern in current parents. In fact, the 54% of the parents in Spain affirms that they believe that their children will not be able to relate to others of their same age as they did. Data offered by Hotwire.

However, parents are also aware that technologies are here to stay and that in the future they can make their children have a good job. "Parents are starting to realize that their children's use of technology today will help them get the best jobs in the future, as long as the time children spend in front of screens does not exceed time. that they dedicate to playing and practicing sports, technology can not continue to be seen as a form of cheap entertainment, but as a tool to achieve a better future, "explains Ludi García, general director of Hotwire Spain.

Damián Montero

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