Equity in education, the best investment in the future

When we rise above the most urgent needs is when we discover that the true impulse of societies is like the work of the sower, which takes months to collect, silent, discreet, but immensely necessary. Because, bet on equity in education and giving all children the best possible opportunities, is the best investment in the future. We have spoken with the EduCaixa specialists who explain how helping in education benefits everyone.

A small group of children contemplates a picture enraptured while a specialist in the field explains the secrets that this painting hides. The monitor that attends them transfers her enthusiasm to those brains in full training that are now like sponges that store everything. She still does not know it, but in some of them a flame has ignited that keeps on catching all that it reaches because there, a girl, learned the meaning of beauty. From that day, will be fixed more and better in each work of art because that morning, in a very special visit with the school to that itinerant exhibition organized by EduCaixa, horizons that I did not know were opened before her.

The years advance, the seed germinates and one day it gives its fruit: the society receives with open arms an Art Historian who helps to understand, interpret and disseminate the richness of our heritage. In education-well those who are close to it know-every gesture can be the beginning of something much bigger.

That is why it is so important to provide society with the necessary resources. He explains it to Thisfamilywelove Coral Regi, director of the Escola Virolai in Barcelona. Spain has a good network of schools. But many times teachers, such vocational profession, need more resources, varied resources that allow students to get out of the routine life of the classroom and deepen knowledge from a more enriching perspective because, as Patricia Alocén, deputy director of the Educational Action Area of ​​the Obra Social "la Caixa", "education is really the lever of change of society, it's the real opportunity to change people. "

But for the change to be fair, "it has to guarantee maximum equity," says Regi. And not all students attend centers with equal resources. That is why initiatives such as those of the educational materials that EduCaixa produces and which it makes available to all teachers are as enriching. "The fact of giving access to everyone makes it possible to universalize the impact," explains Alocén. Last year, almost two and a half million students benefited from one of these programs.

At the service of teachers and students

For this future investment to be successful, you need to find the right formula to help. Because in matters of solidarity, anything goes. "That's why it's so useful for us to present these resources so intelligently. make the best programs, have the best professionals"says Coral Reig, from his personal experience as a teacher after having participated in the most diverse programs, including some as innovative as those of entrepreneurship or leadership.

From the Obra Social "la Caixa" they know how important it is for hundreds of teachers to feel supported and protected in their work. That is why they offer help in the most diverse areas, from elaborate projects to learn values ​​in the classroom to the most novel topics on the use of BigData. The important thing is that, channeled through the nearly 842,000 users who accessed the EduCaixa online content platform, children and adolescents have increased their training and growth opportunities and tomorrow's society will be, thanks to this support, a a little better.

The complement that the teacher needs

Patricia Alocén, deputy director of the Educational Action Area of ​​Obra Social "la Caixa", is thrilled to speak of that great goal that we all share: improving education. She deals with yes, also day, with the true architects of change: teachers and professors. He knows that behind the effort of the vast majority hides an enormous vocation. "They know better than anyone how sensitive raw material they work with," he explains to Thisfamilywelove.

"They have a very big responsibility, that is why they are grateful in a sincere and forthcoming way for all the help they are given". Their work in the classroom is commendable, but if you can contribute more to education, it is always well received. That is the effort carried out by EduCaixa: "offer a complement to the teacher, give them specific guidance to use both inside and outside the classroom, propose to the students how to learn by doing, give them a different perspective" because, as Alocén sentence, "We play a lot in their education, they have to form the society of the 21st century."

Victoria Molina

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