Reduce screen hours to ensure the well-being of minors

The 21st century has brought the revolution of new technologies. Different dispositives They have become part of our day to day and have facilitated different aspects. From the search of information at any time to the possibility of accessing television programs without restricting schedules and even allowing conversations with long distance people.

In short, people currently invest many hours in front of the screens from different devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers. Schedules that should be regulated, especially in the smallest, in order to ensure their total well-being, as assured by the study prepared by San Diego State University and the University of Georgia.

Anxiety at an early age

A scene that is repeated more and more frequently is that of a small child watching a series, a video or using an application of these devices. However, the evidence from this study shows that allowing these activities has serious consequences. Those minors who spend too much time in front of a screen register higher levels of anxiety.

This study talks about children as young as 2 years old. But the results of this study have also shown that just one hour of screen a day is enough for children and adolescents to begin to lose control over the use of these devices. The greater the use of these technologies, less stability and more problems to fulfill other tasks, either at the academic level or at home.

Jean Twenge, one of the leaders of this research indicates that this study reconfirms that new technologies can cause a level of anxiety in the young boys. The fact of receiving a notification on smartphones makes users feel the impulse to answer and review their devices.

"Previous research on associations between screen time and the psychological well-being between children and adolescents have been conflicting, which has led some researchers to question the limits of screen time suggested by medical organizations, "the authors write.

Good use of technologies

Avoiding the negative effects of new technologies requires establishing standards for correct use. These are some details for this purpose:

- Establish agreed rules with the children to surf the internet. It is necessary to make clear to the smallest ones that in Internet they will find good and bad things and that for that reason they must assume norms in order to prevent these dangers. Reflect on the utility of these standards.

- Only allow navigation when there is an adult at home. The computer must be in a common space at home where an adult personally supervises the activity of the little ones.

- Never give personal information. If any website requests a telephone, address or any other information that allows the location of the minor, it must never be offered through these online platforms.

- Internet never at night. The use of the Internet must be done during the day and evening, at night it is important to rest and, in any case, socialize with the family.

Damián Montero

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