Standing or sitting, what is better for children's health?

There are many activities that a child performs throughout the day. From fixing your room to waking up, going to school, after-school routines or doing homework and other jobs in charge of the school. Knowing how to perform them in the best way possible will help prevent health problems.

Standing or sitting? What is best for health? A study published in The American Journal of Epidemiology is clear, standing for many hours in a row is harmful to health. A wake-up call to keep the wellness long-term.

The cardiovascular risk of standing

To reach these conclusions, those responsible for this research took into account the data of 7,320 participants over 12 years. A study long-term that took into account the routines of these individuals and if there was any consequence derived from these activities. Specifically, it was intended to differentiate between the results of standing or performing these practices sitting.

After 12 years of analysis, it was determined that those people who spent most of their time standing were at greater risk of having a cardiovascular problem. A situation that is explained by understanding that blood pumping does not occur properly from the feet to the twins, leading to the swelling in the ankles, resulting in a greater effort of the heart.

However, we must not forget the consequences of sedentary lifestyle and the abuse of sitting time. The researchers pointed out that it is best to combine standing and small walks throughout the day. In fact, the results determined that those individuals who combined both routines showed, in the long run, fewer health problems.

Health tips for children

As has already been said, maintaining health after so many hours at school and the attrition that this entails, it is very important to follow a series of tips that ensures welfare:

- Involve the family. Introducing healthy habits at home to extrapolate them to school is a good idea. Parents should instill good practices such as sitting with a correct posture on chairs.

- Presence of physical activity. Routinely, some practices should be introduced that encourage movement over sedentary lifestyles.

- Ensure a few hours of sleep. The students must rest the hours advised by the specialists.

Damián Montero

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