40% of children suffer from tooth decay

Oral health is another point to take into account in the welfare of the little ones. Although, a priori, it may not seem as important as other aspects should never be forgotten. An example is the cavities, that are often not seen by the children themselves, or by the parents, and that are left aside, ignoring the problems they are capable of generating.

You also have to take into account the need to prevent these problems in the little ones. Mission that is not being followed at present as it is extracted from the data of the 32nd Congress of the Spanish Society of Outpatient Pediatrics and Primary Care. Event in which a conclusion has been reached: the families they do not give the importance they deserve to oral health.

Visits to the orthopedist

The data that was offered in this congress reveal that up to 30% of children under three years of age and 40% of minors have six cavities of early onset Numbers that make it clear that children are not making the necessary visits to the orthopedic surgeon when they reach the first year. This specialist is the one who must lay the foundations to prevent these dental problems.

Another relevant visit is from the age of 6, at which time baby teeth begin to fall and adult teeth are born. At these ages appear problems such as hypomineralization in the molar incisor, a problem that requires a good exploration to be detected. In fact, this condition can degenerate into cavities and other more harmful situations.

Visits to the orthopaedist are also necessary, while up to 40% of preschool children have suffered dental trauma. An example is the losses of some dental piece. A visit to this professional will ensure its correct replacement, the recommended time to avoid major problems is to attend this consultation during the 20 minutes following the incident.

Brushing and other tips

Although visits to the orthopedic surgeon are important, we must not forget the own responsibility that we have on the denture. Different homework must be carried out activities in order to take care of the teeth:

- Supervise the brushing of children up to 10 years old. This should never exceed two minutes to eliminate all the bacterial plaque.

- Limit the amount of sugar in the diet of children, dispensing with foods with saturated fats and other products harmful to the teeth.

- Dental paste with fluoride. These products help prevent cavities, it is important to teach children not to swallow it and to use an amount equal to the size of a pea.

- Inclusion of dental floss. Parents can begin to pass the thread with the appearance of the first pieces. It is always advisable to consult with the specialist about the relevance of this product.

- Periodic visits. Check the denture periodically to detect problems is very important and a responsibility that must be assumed at home.

Damián Montero

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