Differences between the first and second pregnancy, all your doubts resolved

Bringing a child to this world is a beautiful process at the same time intriguing. There are few questions that a couple makes when making this decision. You might think that these doubts end with the arrival of the first child, however repeat this experience can bring new issues that require reply.

Since how long do you have to wait between a pregnancy and another even if the care is the same in one than in another. For all those couples who have all these doubts in their heads, the team of Doppli professionals bring the necessary answers so that this stage in the life of the parents is carried out in the best possible way.

From the first to the second pregnancy

Is there a recovery time between a pregnancy and other? The answer is yes, and this period is 18 months. The specialists calculate in a year and a half the course that must be ensured so that the mother can be in optimal conditions to face a new gestation.

In the event that the delivery has been made by cesarean, the recovery time should be two years to avoid injuries in the mother's uterus and for this environment to be totally safe for the baby that is pregnant in the womb. On the other hand, parents should know that a second pregnancy also has advantage.

A good example is knowing how to recognize possible problems to go to the specialist and to be attended before get worse. Even, many doubts disappear when recognizing the same symptoms that in the past. However, we must not forget that every pregnancy is a world and in the face of any discomfort, we must consult the gynecologist in order to ensure complete well-being for both the mother and the baby that is on the way.

Homework distributions

Another point that should be made clear before the second pregnancy is the division of tasks between the father and the mother. During pregnancy, man has to accept that the care of the first child will fall on him to a greater extent, especially during the last months of pregnancy. The woman will be more tired and will not be able to make a complete supervision.

A division of tasks that must continue during the postpartum period. Although it is true that after a first pregnancy after birth care are known, we must not forget that these days and weeks should be recovery for the mother. Therefore, preparations should be made as soon as possible to adapt the house to the needs of this situation.

Finally, parents should be prepared for the envy of the first son. Before the little brother arrives home, we must let the elder know that a new member will be added to the family and that he will need more care as he is younger. You have to encourage him to contribute his bit and get everything to go correctly.

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