Spanish students, far from the European head in the English domain

In recent years the English It has become an indispensable requirement in all curricula. Mastering this language is no longer a door to a job, but a requirement in most of them. Therefore, making children learn it from an early age is a mission that the education system must ensure.

But how are the students in Spain doing? Do they perform well in English? The truth is that based on the data offered by the EF English Proficiency Index, our country has a lot to improve. And it is that, according to these results, we are at the tail of non-English-speaking countries in Europe.

Medium level

No, it is not a reference to the classic level that every person attests in his curriculum. According to the data of this report Spain has a medium level among its students. At the top of this ranking, which measures the skills in English of non-English speaking countries, are Sweden and the Netherlands in first and second place respectively.

The next country on the European podium is Norway, followed by Denmark. To find Spain you have to go back to number 32. However, there are other countries that testify to a worse level of English in the Old continent. This is the case of Italy occupying square 34 and France, which is satisfied with the 35th.

Worldwide, another power that stands out at the level of English is Singapore, which ranks third in this global ranking. South Africa in the sixth position is, along with the Asian nation, the only country outside Europe that stands out for the dominance of the Shakespeare's language.

To analyze these results, the responsible body analyzes the results that students have obtained in the evaluation test.First' Test that has been done by a total of 1.3 million people worldwide, of which 76,000 have Spanish nationality. Finally, it is worth noting the fall of Spain in the table after having lost 0.21 points compared to the previous year.

Tips to improve the level of English

As has been said, improving the level of English is a requirement that all students must assume. Mastering this language is something that opens the doors to a better work future and these are some keys to achieve it that are offered from the Vaughan Group:

- Speaking out loud. There is no use learning a language if it is not spoken. Saying out loud ensures an improvement in language learning at the oral level.

- Hear. It is recommended to listen several times a day to the original subtitled version and music in English to accustom the ear to the pronunciation.

- Read in English. Just as you have to get used to listening to English, your eyes should also do the same with reading.

- Translate mentally. What would the slogan of a television campaign be like if translated into English? A formula that seems simple but that helps a lot when it comes to gaining mental dexterity.

Damián Montero

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