Large families, a solution to pensions

The future of each country passes through its new generations. Not only because these will be responsible for positions of responsibility and will have to decide what is best. The children of today will be the ones who secure the pensions of the workers at present. Therefore, a decrease in the birth rate compromises, in the long term, this system.

A reminder made by the Spanish Federation of Large Families, FEFN, in the congress held in Zaragoza recently. Under the motto "Large families, solution to pensions ", recalls the need to support these types of homes so that they can assume the costs of raising a number of children equal to, or higher than, three children.

Large families ensure the generational change

During this congress, experts in demography, savings and pensions, as well as fathers and mothers of large family They contributed their experience in the management of day-to-day accounts and their approach to the future. The conclusions reached made it clear that this type of homes are very important to ensure the long-term welfare of the country.

Large families ensure that, in the future, there is a human capital that can assume the jobs necessary for the good progress of the country. In short, that the generational relief I can assure. "As a strategic asset for society, large families provide great human, economic and social capital to the whole country, so they deserve special recognition and compensation for the effort they make in raising and caring for their children."

In addition, large families also compensate for the decrease in Spanish birth. "With an average of 3 children, large families compensate the low fertility rate that currently exists in our country (1.3 children per woman), and that it is insufficient for the relief of the population," says one of the conclusions reached in these days.

Some reasons that make it clear that need to "articulate measures that allow citizens to be free to have the children they want, eliminating obstacles in the fiscal, labor and economic fields, and with more ambitious policies that more fairly recognize the contribution made by large families to the society".

Finally, a conclusion about all these reflections: "The public pension system, as an instrument of social cohesion and welfare, has served in an extraordinary way and in situations of crisis as a means of helping parents and children and grandchildren. future of the nation, since private decisions regarding having the desired number of children affect the public and vice versa, public decisions have effects on the birth rate ".

Requests to administrations of large families

As has been said, large families ask the government for a series of aid to administrations in order to support the burden of this type of household. Demands as those presented by the Association of Large Families of Catalonia:

- Family burden. That take into account the family burden borne by large families, and the lack of equal opportunities with respect to other citizens, in taxes and municipal taxes, especially in the IBI, water price and garbage rates.

- Housing of official protection. That adequate municipal housing of adequate size be promoted for large families: no housing of more than 90 square meters is made.

- Urban transport. That the use of urban transport be facilitated for large families, with a lower rate, and with the application of the law of protection for large families and the sentences of the Supreme Court. Have special parking spaces (or allow the use of places for the disabled) for families with children from 0 to 3 years old, who need a stroller for their mobility.

- Extracurricular activities. To facilitate the access of large families in extra-school activities, and sports, cultural and leisure municipal spaces, with a special rate (for example, a "maximum price per family").

- Conservation of parks. That the appropriate measures be taken to isolate the play spaces of the children of the municipal parks from their use by the dogs. Make a greater effort in its conservation and cleaning, expanding the materials of children's game.

- Help Apply the per capita income criterion in all grants, bonuses and municipal scholarships, and not absolute minimum income, which does not take into account family responsibilities.

- Information. Give complete and comprehensive information to families with children of all services and benefits they can access.

- Associationism Promote the associationism of large families, giving financial and social support to family associations, and disseminating their activities and services.

- Family policy.Institute a municipal responsible for family policy, to coordinate the actions of the municipality as they affect families, and ensure their interests.

- Advisory body. That the association be heard in the discussion of the municipal ordinances, in order to give their opinion on the issues that affect the group of large families.

Damián Montero

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