5 tricks to make your makeup last longer

Today there are different types of makeup bases on the market. Compact, liquid, cream, stick ... and they all promise the same: long duration. What if none of them lie? What if the secret It is not in the format or composition, but in the application and care of the skin?

Makeup is the second skin, or at least it is the effect sought by most women who turn to him every morning. In addition, the make up no make up is one of the most followed beauty trends by women of all ages, hide those pimples, the first lines of expression or the signs of fatigue without losing the brightness and naturalness of each face.

The 5 secrets of a lasting makeup

However, getting home with the same appearance that we came out with may seem like an impossible mission, at least if you do not follow the proper steps to make your makeup last longer.

1. Hydration, the key to everything
It does not matter if your makeup base is part of the high cosmetic, or on the contrary it is low cost, if you do not have a good base of hydration on the face the duration will be minimal. The levels of water and fat in the skin must have a balanced composition so that the makeup remains in place, that is, that is not absorbed by the skin or disappear with the passage of hours.

To avoid this dreaded dehydration, it is best to apply the foundation when the skin is still wet after the application of your moisturizer. In this way, the appearance of the face will be juicy and natural, while it will remain intact for a longer time.

2. Naturalness is always the winning bet
A natural makeup is one that enhances the intrinsic beauty of each face, enhancing the best of each woman. This type of makeup flees from the dreaded "mask effect" and those "patches" that move away from the washed face feeling, to which more and more women join.

How to get a natural effect behind the makeup base? Easy, disguising the defects and giving light to the virtues of the face. For this, one of the most followed tips is not to make up the whole face but to concentrate the makeup in the central area, nose and cheeks, leaving the extreme areas of the face uncovered. Contrary to what many women think, the more layers of makeup you spread on the skin, the easier it will be that with the passage of time the face will look stiff.

3. Your hands, your best tool
As for the application of the base, no doubt, it is a matter of taste, but if you want to achieve a natural effect and make your makeup last more hours intact, your hands are your best weapon.

The explanation is simple, the warmth of the fingers themselves will help make the makeup blend on the skin of the face, making the finish more juicy and natural. Tools like small moistened sponges are also a good alternative for those who feel a certain distrust of the use of their hands.

4. Seal strategically
The use of loose powders is the best way to seal those areas of conflict for makeup, such as nose, forehead and chin. A light touch of this type of cosmetics will help to make the makeup last longer on the face. However, abusing them can cause the effect to be contrary and we can return to that "mask effect" of which we have already spoken.

5. Constancy and care to keep the skin and your makeup perfect
Both those women who resort to makeup on a daily basis, and those who only do it exceptionally, the care of facial skin and cleanliness should be a habit in any beauty routine. However, the chaos of day to day and the rush sometimes do not allow you to pamper the skin how you need it.

In these cases, it is best to resort to professional hands to be able to enjoy a deep cleaning of the skin. This type of treatment allows recovering the luminosity of the face and eliminate black spots and excess fats and toxins. With this cleaning, the skin is able to recover the balance in its composition and its extreme care facilitates that the duration of the applied makeup later is much greater.

Carmen Díaz Director of the aesthetics center Germaine Goya

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