More than 80% of Spanish families choose a nanny for their children according to their physical

According to a recent study, 8 out of ten parents in Spain would not hire staff to take care of their children who do not worry about their physical appearance, ahead of Holland, Italy, Finland, Denmark and Norway.

Eighty-one percent of Spanish families choose the babysitter of their children based on their appearance. Carrying piercings, tattoos or even being overweight are factors that parents take into account at the time of selecting the professional who will take care of the children.

The study, carried out internationally by Sitly, a platform that connects families seeking nanny in 9 countries in the world, places Spain at the head of Europeans, as parents who pay more attention to the physical appearance of kangaroos in a job interview. This high concern for the appearance contrasts with the importance that Spaniards give to other factors such as training or education, occupying a third place in the selection criteria when choosing caregiver.

Details like wearing piercings or tattoos can also be factors to rule out a professional, although this may have experience and references. So a 17% of families would never hire a kangaroo with piercings and 13% would never choose a caregiver for their children who wore tattoos.

"With the pace of life that many parents have today - with marathon work days and lack of help to facilitate reconciliation - kangaroos play an increasingly important role in the lives of families," explains Patricia Adam, responsible for Sitly communication. "They are looking for a person who not only has experience and references, but also can represent a good example for their children, and parents are increasingly selective when it comes to hiring a babysitter".

The main differences with other countries

The results of the study yield other data of interest. Not only the aspect is taken into account by families when making a decision on which professional to choose to take care of children, they also pay attention to other factors such as education or tobacco. A 48% of Spanish parents would never hire a babysitter who smoked and a quarter of respondents would not be decided by a caregiver who did not have education or who had a low level of training.

Italy is the country that gives more importance to the level of studies when it comes to hiring kangaroo, concern for physical appearance or snuff is minimal compared to other European countries. 46% of Italian parents would not hire a caregiver for their children who had a low academic education.

However, the Scandinavian countries are in the lead in terms of health awareness. Thus, Danish parents take as their main requirement to choose a babysitter, 86% percent would never hire a smoker. Behind them the Norwegians with 68% and the Finnish families with 60% of parents totally opposed to tobacco.

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