The demands of large families to the Government

The demographic winter facing Spain is a matter that concerns the public powers. Without policies that help the families, these will have more objection when it comes to increasing the birth rates due to the impossibility of maintaining the home in which they live. There are many requests that have been made in order to reverse this situation.

Petitions such as those made by the Spanish Federation of Large Families, FEFN, to the government. Demands that seek the defense of the collective and that have been transferred to the Executive during a meeting with the new general director of Services for Family and Children of the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, Ángel Parreño.

The requests of FEFN

In particular, these are the measurements that FEFN has transferred to the Government:

- Maintenance of the special category until the last of the children leaves the title. The idea is that the younger brothers, who have given the right to obtain the title and the category, can benefit from the same rights and under the same conditions as the benefits obtained by the older brothers.

- Granting of the special category to families of four children. This is a commitment made by the Government of Rajoy that was never put into operation, and a measure that has been constantly on the table in the meetings held by the FEFN with the political establishment.

- Maintenance of the social bond of the light with no income limit for large families. In this sense, the General Director of the Family has been asked to extend the consumption limits to 5,600 kwh / year for large families of special category.

- Increase in the amount and scope of implementation per dependent child. In Spain, aid of a basically assistance nature is granted, of € 24.25 / month with a rent limit of € 18,791 / year for large families of 3 children, which excludes most large families from this aid.

- Reform of the Large Families Law to include, among other points, that in case of separation or divorce with a joint custodian, both parents obtain the title of large family; that the title of large family be granted to de facto couples that accredit family coexistence; that the title can be renewed for a maximum period of 4 years for study reasons; and that different protection be granted to single-parent families with 2 children under a law different from Numerous Families.

Damián Montero

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