Learn to reeducate the palate of your children

Teaching children to eat is a mission that every father must assume. Once again, remember the old saying "we are what we eat"Taking care of what is put on the table is very important as it will help to prevent various problems such as obesity or diabetes." One of the problems at this point is the rejection that the flavor of the vegetables generates in the little ones. .

The social construction makes the palate of the children recognize as more tasty an ounce of chocolate than a boiled vegetables. Reeducate this sense in the smallest is important to make these foods attractive. From the Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu offer several tips for this purpose.

How to learn to reeducate the palate of your children

How to reeducate the palate of the smallest? These are some tips for this goal:

- Decrease, in a progressive way, the amount of extra sugar cAs for example the one that is added to yoghurts, milk, etc.

- Add fresh fruit or dried fruit to yogurts and other preparations to give it a sweet touch. In this way, also, the consumption of fruit will be favored.

- Progressively reduce consumption of those foods that are not recommended for their level of sugar and fat: juices, pastries, chocolates, industrial dairy desserts, etc. and to change them, little by little, for other healthier options such as whole fruit, dark chocolate (minimum 70% cocoa), sandwiches with wholemeal bread, nuts, natural yogurt, etc.

- Combine foods you do not like with others that accept better. In this way, we will achieve that little by little they incorporate those foods that are more conflictive. For example: prepare fruit skewers with a little black chocolate.

- Offer healthy preparations in special moments, that also be appetizing. The tonic of "one day in a day" ends up extending to other days. Making sure that even these days there is a healthy food will help not to change the routine.

Damián Montero

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