Methods to teach your baby to sleep

Learning to sleep from an early age has important repercussions on the child's integral development. There are several methods created by specialists to help us achieve a good sleep routine. The most relevant and different among them could be those proposed by pediatricians Eduard Estivill -collected in his book Duérmete niño- and Carlos González -which he explains in his work Bésame mucho-.

Knowing both methods can help us and enrich us because we will have more tools to solve any situation that may happen with the habit of our children's sleep. Estivill advocates that parents put the baby in their crib and go at regular intervals to side of the child when I cry to teach him to sleep alone. According to this method, if we sleep the children in their arms and rocking them they will associate these elements with the sleep routine and when they wake up at night, they will demand it.

Recommend that the routine of sleep can be performed in a different place where the child sleeps and that a series of activities that help the child to understand that the time of sleep is approaching: it can be a story, some songs, etc. Afterwards, he is left in the room, they say goodbye to him and the parents must leave the room of the child when he is still awake so that he can get to sleep without them. On the contrary, González defends the co-sleeping as the best option for rest Of all the family. Sleeping with their parents will be extended until the child stops needing it for himself.

González defends that children feel accompanied and their needs met. When the child wakes up, he usually goes back to sleep when he notices the presence of his parents because of the assurance that his parents are with them. This method recommends that there be a lot of physical contact and therefore parents are encouraged to take the child at night as many times as necessary. It is a more flexible method and does not require a routine marked as in the previous one.

Both methods can be valid for acquiring a good sleep habit, but parents must keep in mind that the most important thing is not the method used, but rather the difficulties that may arise at the time of sleeping for the children. , you can go putting solution, which they create more appropriate, so that they have tools to learn to sleep.

Do not forget that each child is different and parents are the ones who know him best. That will allow you to make the most appropriate decisions for them. As parents, you must transmit calmness and security in what you are doing. We have to believe in how things are done, have confidence in ourselves and do what we feel safer with. This is the best recipe to educate our children.

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