10 tricks that motivate you to strengthen your self-esteem

The self esteem it is that engine that gives us the security to go out into the world and enjoy it. It is the way we love and accept ourselves as unique beings with all the ability to relate to others. However, at present, the industry pressures us in such a way that it shakes that self-esteem, that good self-esteem, since it dictates that we must be in a certain way or have certain characteristics to consider us beautiful beings or deserving of good things.

Reality shows that true beauty is a subjective concept, nobody has the final word on this matter, and we must value diversity. Fortunately, we are all different people with all kinds of peculiarities that make us unrepeatable. This value, this self-esteem that we all have, has been vanishing and lost relevance as we give more importance to what others see and say, instead of encouraging and strengthening ourselves.

Positive mind: tips to strengthen your self-esteem

Now, as we know how important it is to recover or boost that self-esteem, here are 10 wonderful recommendations to raise your self-esteem.

1. Be positive. Good energies do not come alone, you are the person in charge of attracting them to you and your life; If you believe in your potential and in what you do, you have more chances of success. That permanent positivism will make the difference between triumph and failure in what you undertake. Do not forget that the positive mind works in many ways, but all in favor!

2. Trust in you and your ability. How many times have you not felt insecure / with something, someone or a particular situation? It is likely that many times you have been like this, but do not worry, this is completely normal in the avatars of the day to day. This recommendation focuses, precisely, on the importance of trusting you and your ability to do things well, so do not have much certainty, just try and do your best; Do not let discouragement take over you by blocking your ideas and your potential.

3. Accept yourself as you are. Keep in mind that you are a unique being in the world, that everything that characterizes you makes you; value your qualities and accept that like you there are not two and that's why you are a special, beautiful and intelligent person.

4. Do not be afraid of mistakes. Have you heard the phrase that says "the wise man is full of doubts and the ignorant of certainties"? Well, do not be afraid of mistake or error; Remember that nobody was born with all the knowledge and there is nothing wrong with failure, the important thing is not to lose hope and keep trying.

5. Give your best. When you give your best, you are more likely to get things right, but if not, you still have the satisfaction of having done your best; That is why it is important, because that way you will never doubt your abilities and desire to do what you propose.

Healthy practices to raise confidence in yourself

6. Exercise. Exercise is part of the balance between body and mind; When you exercise, you get sick less, you look radiant, the mood improves markedly and your self-esteem increases. Already the Greeks knew this before our ways of life existed; although they were very active people, they practiced sports and took care of their physique because it represented part of their balance as complete beings. So a good recommendation is to resume this healthy practice and add points to that self-esteem.

7. Stay away from toxic people. All kinds of people come to our lives, both good and bad; In this case, the essential thing is that you know how to recognize who contributes and who remains in your life. The idea is to get away from those that take away energy or generate a negative environment for you.

8. Do not compare yourself with others. Do not fall into the false idea of ​​comparing yourself with others, that only distorts reality; Just focus on giving the best of yourself always without looking at how others do it.

9. Dedicate time to a hobby. Another very effective way to strengthen self-esteem is dedicating time to what we like; When we give importance to our leisure, this reflects how much we are aware of ourselves and how much we enjoy life.

10. Reward yourself. When you reward yourself, you recognize your efforts and triumphs, you do not miss the moments of happiness that come to your life because you feel worthy of that joy; so a self-reward is a sign of affection for yourself.

Francisco Martins. Coach, author and relationship specialist at the Academy of Love.

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