The 20 things that stress parents the most, according to a study

Having children is the greatest illusion of any couple, but facing the day to day and reconciling work with being a father is a challenge that is not always easy. One of the necessary ingredients in this stage of life is patience. It must be recognized, there are many situations that can to stress As parents. What are the moments that most test the patience of most parents?

To this question he wanted to answer the study prepared by BPMe, which has focused on analyzing the day to day of about 2,000 parents in order to review which are the 20 situations that most stress to dad and mom

The 20 things that stress parents the most

According to the study prepared by BPMe, these are the situations What more stress do they cause parents:

1. When children get sick.

2. Time to send them to bed.

3. When you have to eat some dishes.

4. When they have to stop watching television or stop using their smartphones.

5. When they should order their rooms.

6. When teeth should be cleaned.

7. Food schedules.

8. Get them to arrive on time for class.

9. Awaken them to go to school.

10. Dress them to go to school.

11. The weekly purchase.

12. Make sure they have done their homework.

13. Remember important dates at school.

14. Get them to eat the whole dish.

15. Bath time.

16. Check the sugar of some foods.

17. Remove them from the bed.

18. Buy new clothes.

19. Remind them of their duties.

20. Put their shoes in the morning.

How to maintain patience

Being a father is not an easy job. You have to maintain patience for avoid that stress results in a situation of discomfort in the family. Here are some tips for this:

- Do not put yourself at the same height as your children during their tantrums.

- No physical punishment, and if you escape a slap, always ask for forgiveness.

- Zero derogatory comments or comparisons that may hurt them.

- A compliment when they do things well, that they understand that this is the attitude that is expected of them.

- Accept the defects and try to solve them instead of punishing them. A constructive mentality will have better long-term effects than punctual punishment.

Damián Montero

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