The effects of depression in pregnancy on the newborn

Bringing a child to this world is a nice process at the same time complicated. There are many problems that can alter the smooth running of the pregnancy. For this reason, it is recommended that the mother take extreme care to avoid that her conditions reach the baby that is pregnant.

It is already known that lack of exercise or the presence of a bad diet during the pregnancy They have serious effects on the development of the baby. Now, a study conducted by King's College London warns that depression in the mother during pregnancy can have consequences in the newborn.

Lack of response

To analyze the effects of depression in pregnant women themselves, the researchers took blood samples in 106 women. The objective was to verify if this alteration in mood in mothers had effects similar to those of inflammation that cause some infections. During these tests, women's saliva was also collected to measure cortisol levels.

As the researchers had pointed out, in cases where there had been a case of depression in mothers, the woman's body had experienced inflammation similar to what happens in cases of depression. infection. On the other hand, cortisol levels in pregnant women with this disorder in their mood were higher than in the rest.

In the case of the children of these mothers, the children born to mothers with episodes of depression showed a lower response to stimuli such as noise or light. On the other hand, they presented a higher level of immune stress at the time of receiving the vaccines that are recommended in newborns. That is, they experienced these doses with a higher rate of anxiety.

Treatment of depression in pregnancy

As in any other problem, it is advisable that when detecting the first symptoms of depression in pregnancy start the relevant treatment. The pregnant woman you should go to the doctor who is assisting you during pregnancy, the usual treatments are the following:

- Psychotherapy. In these sessions the patient talks about her feelings and concerns with a counselor or therapist.

- Support groups. They are groups of people who meet personally or online to share feelings and experiences on certain topics.

- Medicines. In these cases the relationship with the gynecologist must be very close because of the danger of antidepressants in pregnancy. Although the risk is usually low, these effects should not be ruled out.

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