Keys to prevent annoying behaviors in class

Good behavior in the classroom is an essential requirement for students to achieve the best performance in school. If the environment is not conducive to teaching, the interiorization of the contents will be more difficult. For this reason it is important to avoid these harmful behaviors for the proper development of the classes.

Advice such as those provided by Cristina Martínez Carrero, psycho-pedagogue and teacher of Hearing and Language, which offers several tips in order that children learn to behave in the classroom. A mission in which both the teachers, maximum authority within the school, as parents, who must act as transmitters of values ​​and example.

Teach good behavior

These are some of the tips that are offered to teach a behavior recommended to the little ones:

- Self-control Parents should understand that they can not always get away with it and that sometimes the result will be different than what they expect. But instead of getting angry, you have to stay calm and wait. For their part, adults must control themselves and stand firm.

- Create a climate of coexistence where it is visible that everyone is equally important and that there are no doubts about the figure of authority, parents or teachers.

- Encourage reflections on what is recommended and the consequences of each behavior.

- Create a group conscience and make students think about the common good and not about their individual conquests.

- Respond in a proportionate way and never lose the nerves no matter how bad the behavior is.

- Act as a model and recognize their own mistakes so that the child can have a mirror to look at.

Damián Montero

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