The cases of postpartum depression in parents grow

A Birth it is always good news, a new member in the family is a source of joy. However, there are times when this context does not result in happiness, such as cases of postpartum depression. A problem that usually adheres to mothers but also affects parents.

In fact, in recent times the cases of parents with postpartum depression have increased. This is indicated by the study published in Jama Pediatrics that has focused on the situation of many men after the first 15 months of the birth of their children. A work that aims to give relevance to the situation of these parents who usually remain in the background.

Time for change

A total of 2,946 parents were followed from delivery and during the first 15 months of the babies. Of all these cases, in 4.4% of the cases the father presented symptoms similar to those of the depression that many women experience after the delivery. Percentage similar to the figures registered in mothers that approach 5%.

Experts indicate that postpartum depression in parents is directly related to the process of change experienced by the man once his son born. Not only because they must take responsibility for the upbringing of children, but because their generation of hormones is also altered, favoring the onset of this mood disorder.

In this way, those responsible for this study remember the need for postpartum analyzes not only focus on the baby, but also take into account both the father and the mother to analyze how they face the upbringing of their child. In this way it will be possible to put an end to these problems that the parents go through and guarantee a total attention to newborns.

Ask for help

As has been said, postpartum depression is often related to women, so no attention is paid to the symptoms if they occur in mens. Therefore, at the slightest sign in parents is important to request an appointment with the specialist to receive a correct advice. On the part of the couple, we must grant time and understand the situation.

Little by little they will recognize the improvements that will allow the father continue working to achieve an optimal state of mind that allows you to meet the needs of your child in the best possible way. It is also recommended that both parents go to childbirth classes where parents can ask questions and thus feel prepared to face this new situation and calm their nerves before the child arrives.

Damián Montero

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