3% of Spanish children are not vaccinated by their parents' decision

Preventing a disease is the best treatment for it. Avoid the symptoms of it even before they appear now a period of discomfort and possible contagion to the rest of family, friends and people around us. For this reason, it is recommended to comply with the calendar of vaccinations in the smallest to achieve this goal.

While in Spain the rate of vaccination It is quite good, 97% of children comply with the calendar, there is a small percentage of children who do not receive these injectables by their parents' decision. This is what the IPH Group warns, the promoter of the Immuniza project, which makes it clear that guard should not be lowered in this area and that the cases in which minors do not follow these preventive treatments should be monitored closely.

Importance of vaccination

As they indicate from the Project Immunizes "With the exception of access to drinking water, no human intervention can rival immunization to combat preventable diseases and reduce mortality rates." Thanks to these treatments, numerous contagious diseases have been controlled, avoiding uncontrolled epidemics.

However, the tendency not to vaccinate the children that has been seen in recent years has caused some of these infectious diseases to resurface again. An example is measles, which has re-registered cases in Europe and deaths have even been recorded for this condition.

At the same time, experts from the IPH Group recall the importance of maintaining vaccinations in adults. One example is the injectable to prevent influenza, which although being one of the highest rates in adults, is around 57% according to data from the Ministry of Health vaccination campaign 2016-2017. A figure that is far from the 75% recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

A situation that these experts relate on the one hand to the limited existence of doses in some areas of Spain and, on the other, to the wrong belief that vaccination is children's things. The main consequence of this situation is the greater probability of contagion within the home and the increase in the difficulty in eradicating diseases.

Comply with the immunization schedule

Unicef ​​reminds parents of the importance of vaccinating children to guarantee immunity against diseases that are usually deadly in some cases. This organism indicates that these doses act reinforcing the defenses of the child against the disease but that they only have effect if they are administered before the problem appears.

Vaccinating a child when it shows symptoms of a disease does not have any utilityHowever, before doing so, the minor has the necessary antibodies to cope with contagious conditions such as measles or chicken pox. Also these doses are very useful to keep at bay problems as serious as whooping cough that can cause the death of children.

Unicef ​​points out that in some cases parents do not vaccinate their children because of the possible side effects that these generate in the little ones: fever, cough, etc. However, this body notes that all of them have little importance, if they are compared with the possible illness that they would cause by the contagion of it. Another reason argued by some parents is that their children suffer from another condition.

From Unicef ​​clarifies that there is no need to fear complications in the disease present in the smallest. Vaccination is perfectly compatible with the treatment of common conditions such as colds, although it is always recommended to consult the pediatrician for possible complications with a drug. In the case of babies, this organism recommends to maintain the lactancia so that the small one also receives the benefits of this food, as for example its antibodies.

Damián Montero

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