The inverted class: another way of learning and teaching

At traditional classroom Throughout his life, the teacher enters class, passes list, then corrects the duties of the previous day and begins to explain the new contents. In the explanation of the new matter it takes about fifteen or twenty minutes that in the end are transformed into forty by the interruptions, by the questions of the students, and once the explanation is finished, it sends some activities of that content for home and thus it has been past the time

In the inverted class or flipped classroom what is intended is that the contents are learned through videos. The videos can be seen in the evening at home or they can be videos projected in the classroom in the morning, which the children see ten minutes before the class begins. The video does not question anyone, the student who has not understood the video can take it back as many times as needed. And then, once the video is understood, the teachers do the tasks with the students in the classroom.

"What better than having the help of the teacher who is an expert in the subject! In traditional classes, the help is usually that of a private teacher or that of a mother or father at home. to arrive the following day, sadly, without the duties done ", explains Rosa Liarte, professor of Geography and History and Teacher trainer to realize inverted classes.

Benefits for the students of the inverted class

One of the main advantages for the students of the inverted classroom is that there are no homework because the content is seen at home and the homework is done in class. However, many teachers say that now the new duties are videos, but not every subject sends a video every afternoon.

Rosa Liarte says that "in my case, when working in public education, I have students who do not have internet at home, so I leave 10 minutes in class before they can see it well in the center. EdPuzzle application to verify that they have seen it. This application not only tells me if they have seen it, I can also ask questions inside and I can know how many times they have put the video back to understand it better. Now I can reach diversity, I can see how the students understand the contents, something that in a traditional class can not be known. "

The advantage: work the doubts in class

The main advantage is that now it is that the teachers are working with the students in class. "There are students who are going to need more help, of course, and we are not going to rule out that support that families are going to want to give them outside of class, but now they have all the class time to work with specialist teachers in the matter and we can focus on them. In my case, what I do are projects and the students work with me making final products of what we have tackled in the video ".

The youtuber teacher: motivation for teachers

For many teachers, entering the dynamics of becoming a youtuber teacher can become a difficult challenge to assume. For some of them, changing the establishment of traditional classes is not easy and sometimes it comes from necessity. Rosa Liarte acknowledges that "I started doing it because I was entering a dynamic explaining the things I was exhausted, and I realized that I could not give the same class at the last minute that first thing in the morning. I started to question it and the first thing I did was record the first class of the morning live in the classroom and, later, project it with other students. In this way I realized that they took better advantage of the classes, the students attended, watched the video and asked me the questions. And suddenly I had fifty minutes to work with my students in class, whereas before I only had ten minutes. "

Tools to make an inverted class

There are several applications that teachers need to start up the computer system of the inverted class. On the one hand, students must view the video by EdPuzzle, which is the application that allows to see who has seen the video and how many times the student has seen it. On the other hand, so that the students can do projects in which technology intervenes, it is necessary to use Chroma Key, which is the green fabric, where with Touchcast, which is an application for Ipad, students record and make a project.

It is also very useful to use Google Expedition, an ideal application to make augmented and virtual reality, and that allows to immerse the student in places where we could not have gone on a field trip. "We take advantage of the technology to be able to use it in the classroom," said Rosa Liarte, "lots of applications can help us to do projects, not only in Social class as it is my case, but interdisciplinary, where the rest of the subjects intervene. Students understand that learning is for life, not simply to learn an exam that is later forgotten.But think "ah, I am learning skills that will make me competent tomorrow when I look for a job or want to solve a problem".

In conclusion, it seems that the inverted class is the natural evolution of teaching when what is intended is to apply technology in the classroom and when we also have students who are digital natives. However, Rosa Liarte warns that "it is said that we have digital natives in the students, but then we ask them to send us an email with an attachment and, sadly, they do not know how to do it, so I question those digital natives. , some are digital orphans because he only knows about Instagram, Snapchat and playing Fortnite; they do not come out of there. We have to educate these digital natives. They control many things of the digital world, but you have to educate them to serve them for their work and professional life. "

Marisol Nuevo Espín
Advice: Rosa Liarte Professor of Geography and History and teacher training in New Technologies.

Video: Blended learning & flipped classroom

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