Young people are the most read in Spain

The reading It is one of the activities that have the greatest benefits for people. From distraction to learning new knowledge and the development of cognitive skills. Whether they are on paper or on the screen of an electronic book, books are one of the best friends that someone can have and among their pages it is recommended to get lost as much as possible.

Are the youngest aware of the benefits that the reading? Have the afternoons in which a person is lost among the pages of a book gone out of fashion? The data offered by the Ministry of Culture and Sports highlight the opposite, the sectors of the younger population are those that most carry out these activities within Spain.

Preteens and teens

In Spain, the readership index is 62.2%. In comparison with other cultural activities, books are the second most performed practice within our borders and in the last 4 years the rate of people reading has increased in 4 points and only three separate this country from the OECD average in reading competition.

By age groups, children under 10 to 14 years they are the ones who use the most reading since 99.6% of the children in this group read regularly and consume an average of 14 books a year. They are followed by adolescents from 15 to 18 years old, which show an index of 92%, in this case the use is 15.3 products per year.

For formats, paper is still the most used even in the younger generations. Only the 13,4% children under 10 to 14 read in ebook format, a percentage that increases to 34% in the case of adolescents from 15 to 18 years. In fact, the electronic book only accounts for 5.1% of the total turnover of the book market in Spain.

The most popular genres

This report also includes the most popular genres and those with the highest turnover within the book market in Spain. Out of every 100 published books, 31 are from Social Sciences and Humanities, 24 from Literature, 14 from Science and Technology, 12 from Children and Youth, 9 from Text and 7 from Free Time.

Regarding the average book price in Spain, one of these items usually costs 18.63 euros, a reduction of 1.17 euros compared to 2016 data. For formats, paper costs about 21.93 euros while digital It is 10.85 euros.

Damián Montero

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