Activities to know how to listen: ideas for trips with children

In the society in which we move every day, both children and adults, we are constantly bombarded by the most diverse sounds ... and shrill. But perhaps, this is not the best thing to carry out an auditory stimulation, since our son must be able to discriminate and direct his auditory attention to the sounds that interest him.

There are people able to concentrate on reading a book while traveling on public transport; others, however, are unable to listen to what the teacher tells them, hypnotized by the flight of a fly. What is the difference? The difference lies in the attention capacity and the ease or difficulty to concentrate.

In order to learn to pay due attention it is necessary to know how to listen and concentrate on what they are telling us. If we know how to do this, we will have much less problems to attend to the explanations of the teachers, to the instructions of our parents and it even helps us not to lose the thread of a movie.

These activities that we can do at different times with our children can serve to stimulate their listening skills, improve their attention and their ability to concentrate.

Learn to listen: games for travel

A time with our children gives us many opportunities to help them in their development. How? Well playing, of course. Nowadays, the car has become an instrument in which we spend a lot of time every day ... Could not we take advantage of these trips to play with them? Thus, the boring passage of kilometers can be filled with laughter ... at the same time as their intelligence develops. In addition, the situation is painted bald because our children can not do anything else, or throw themselves at the television or turn around and go to another room. We have them there.

For example, a very fun game that will stimulate your sense of hearing, attention span and memory is the famous one of: "I'm going on a trip and I'm taking a comb." What does it consist of? Someone has to start the sentence, for example mom, and the next one will have to add a new item to the list, saying the already existing ones: "I'm going on a trip and I'm taking a comb and a brush", for example. And so, each and every one of the family.

Music and songs to stimulate the ear

Music and songs, on the other hand, is something that can not be missed on any trip. To be an activity that stimulates hearing, we can play to identify songs by the sound, or by music. They are worth the movies, series of drawings, famous songs, etc. Someone will have to start humming a song and others will have to guess what it is. Do we start with the Indiana Jones or the Lion King?

At home: activities to learn to listen

In any case, it is not necessary to look for very special occasions, because in our own home it is possible to find many stimulating opportunities. We can avail ourselves of certain tricks to get our children to develop their capacity for attention and concentration, without them realizing that it is an exercise. For example, we can let them take the errands by phone and tell them to the brother who is not there, to dad, etc. You will have to make an effort to understand what is being said and repeat it. We can also let him call a relative to say that we are going to visit, etc.

When we have to send something to our son at home, we can do it so that he has to pay attention. For example, giving them orders with several sequences, as far as I can remember. For example: First, go to your room and order the toys; Second, bring the red car we are going to fix it; third, let your brother know that we are going to eat ...

Beatriz Bengoechea. Psychologist and family counselor

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