Correct and know how to wait

Man needs to be corrected. There are things that one does without realizing and others, realizing. An uncorrected person is a person not valued. If we want someone to fail completely as a person, all we have to do is not correct him; neither personally nor professionally.

However, the act of correcting must be directed by prudence. You can not be all day lecturing, warning, censoring a person. The one who falls in that attitude manages to annoy enough the coexistence of those that surround him and generally he obtains little result.

On the other hand, who knows how to say things, dosing them and at the right time, gives the key so that his warning is taken into account in other occasions. Who corrects without rhyme or reason, is ineffective, is disavowed, does not get better those around him and sometimes makes them angry.

The prestige of a person is directly related to the management that makes the authority and this affects the case that they are going to do, in the effectiveness that the corrections will have.

A person with authority is a person who knows how to silence in a timely manner. It is important to know that each of us has its receptive moments, and that each thing takes time.

It is not good to rush. Ideas have to be thought out, weighted: the reasons that demonstrate things objectively are capable of moving the will of others. There is also a lot to take care of where they are said. That is, for a correction to be timely, we must know when to say it and where to say it.

Correcting in this way leads to serenity and calm, and we already know that serenity generates serenity and the nerves, nerves. It is expensive, but deep down we are choosing the environment that has to be in our house.

Corrections few, at the time and trying to live what we correct: that is a good way to prove that you are looking for efficiency. If we do not think about correcting, then we will say that when I say something to children, it is as if they hear rain. Well, think. It has a solution.

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