Increase young people enrolled in non-university education

A good education is essential for a great work future. There are many stages that make up the academic curriculum since you put your foot in the nursery school until the first contract is signed. You often think of the college As the itinerary prior to a job, however, not everyone has to study a career and, of course, there is a whole previous path.

The teachings do not university they represent an important part of the academic curriculum, either because they form the student who will come to the faculty, or because the choice is a formative cycle. And what is the situation of these educational itineraries? According to the data of the Ministry of Education, the students enrolled in them have grown.

8,179,539 enrolled

In total there are 8,179,539 students enrolled in non-university education in Spain. Do not think of these itineraries as training cycles only. Early Childhood Education, First, Compulsory Secondary, Baccalaureate and Vocational Training form this catalog that has increased in the course 2018-2019.

Compared to last year there are 20,934 more students enrolled in non-university education. A growth of 0.3%. By stages, Early Childhood Education loses students by registering 1,737,979 children in this stage of education, 20,292 fewer than in the academic year 2017-2018 a decrease of 1.2 compared to the previous year and which is a symptom of the fall of birth in this country.

Those who have grown are the students of the second cycle of Compulsory Secondary Education, THAT, that remain in 1,964,787 enrolled, 35,107 more than in the academic year 2017-2018, a growth of 1.8%. Primary school students also decline with 11,505 fewer students, a decrease of 0.4%. Another symptom of the drop in the birth rate in Spain.

Formative cycles grow

The data for the 2018-2019 academic year includes 824,612 students of Vocational Training students. Compared with last year's data, the increase is 2.5%, in absolute numbers the figure is 19,783 more. Attending to the different modalities of formative cycles, the one that grows more is the one of superior degree.

The students who attend a higher education training cycle in this 2018-2019 academic year is 408,607, an increase of 15,076 more students, an increase of 3.8%. They also grow, although to a lesser extent, the Basic Vocational Training that figures its enrolled in 73,724, 2.1% more than those enrolled in the previous academic year, 1,538 more if you look at absolute figures.

Lastly, Vocational Training of the Middle Grade figures its students in 342,281, a growth of 0.9% with respect to the previous year and 15,076 students in absolute numbers. By communities, Andalusia it represents 17.6% of those enrolled in training cycles and in second place Catalonia with 16.3% of the national total and the podium is closed by the Community of Madrid with 11.8%.

Damián Montero

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