This is how parents' discussions affect their children

You can not always agree. On many occasions discrepancies points of view can lead to friction in the couple and these in turn lead to discussions that far from solving the situation, aggravate it. But these tense moments not only affect the marriage, also the children who become spectators of these fights.

While putting the discrepancies Among the members of a marriage are inevitable, knowing how to cope with these situations is what differentiates between reaching a common point or thinning the environment. In addition, avoiding that the thing is out of control also helps to prevent different problems of salid in the children as it emphasizes the study published in Journal of infantile psychology and psychiatry.

Behavioral problems

As indicated in this work, the first effect of continued exposure to discussions on the part of children are behavioral problems. Do not forget that parents are the mirror in which they look at their children and take good note of what is accepted or not. If they see that adults resolve their discrepancies to voices, they will understand that this is the right way.

A behavior that will be repeated in others social environments like school, or when playing with your classmates. However, this is not the only problem derived from exposure to discussions. The authors of this work also emphasize that the constant tension that is experienced in the home can alter the sleep of children, which makes the quality of their rest impoverished.

On the one hand, a scarce quality of the dream causes that the academic yield falls and that the yield in all activity decays. On the other hand there is also a constant anxiety in the children that causes less attention during school days or study hours.

Talk in couple

As has been said, discrepancies in couples are inevitable You have to know how to dialogue to avoid these problems:

- There are topics that are not spoken in front of children. It is always better to choose privacy if the topic is likely to increase tension.

- Keep calm. You should never get carried away by nerves, if the dialogue begins to get tense the best thing is to stop and breathe before saying something to regret.

- The reason is relative. It is never good to impose a point of view for many reasons that you think you have, you have to know how to listen to the motives of the other person and reach a common point.

- Remember what you fell in love with. While not everything can be good, you have to remember these aspects as well. Do not focus on the bad and think that the other person has a lot to offer us.

Damián Montero

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