Domestic accidents, the elements that you must watch at home

The operation of a home requires many elements. From the food to prepare the different meals throughout the day to the cleaning products that serve to have the home in optimal condition, or the toys that make the smallest of the house enjoy. However, keep in mind that not all articles are safe, at least not for all ages.

There are many products that can cause a domestic accident in the smallest. How to recognize them? From Facua have made a list for parents to take into account the most common mishaps among children for parents to monitor these situations and thus avoid major problems in the day to day of the home.

The danger for children

As indicated from Facua, children make up one of the groups at greatest risk. Children under five are the ones who have more ballots to be protagonists of domestic accidents. At the same time, Facua also makes a list of the most frequent problems:

- Wounds and hemorrhages. Provoked by the contact of the skin with sharp and sharp objects.

- Burns. Caused by contact with objects at high temperatures.

- Falls and blows. Caused by the child's precipitation on stairs or surfaces at different levels or impact with hard surfaces.

- Choking. Intake of objects that exceed the diameter of the esophagus.

- Poisoning. Ingestion of products in poor condition or chemical products.

How to prevent

Facua also offers several tips to parents so they can prevent these accidents at home:

Wounds and hemorrhages.

- Put cutting or sharp objects out of reach.

- Place the knives in the drawers with the tips inwards, and do not use them for other jobs (screwdriver).

- Check the broken plates and glasses.

- Keep the razor blades in a place different from other bathroom utensils, such as combs, creams, etc.


- Place protections on hot objects that are accessible.

- Do not overload the electrical outlets.

- No smoking in bed.

- Use gloves to catch hot objects.

- The pan handles should not protrude from the kitchen cabinet.

- Remove children from the kitchen while preparing food.

- Handle dangerous products with care: firecrackers, acids, etc.

- Handle the use of candles with care.

Falls and blows.

- Keep the floor free of obstacles.

- Avoid having slippery surfaces.

- In the bathroom, use floor mats to avoid slipping.

- Check the stair rails so they are at the correct height.

- Do not use defective stairs or chairs to access high places.


- Do not allow small children to play or manipulate small objects or pieces that can be disassembled (buttons, marbles, eyes of stuffed animals ...).

- When eating, it is necessary to take smaller pieces of food to the mouth and chew them slowly, not to swallow.

- Do not talk with your mouth full, because food can pass to the respiratory tract.


- Keep all products in a safe place, out of the reach of children.

- Medications should be stored in a medicine cabinet.

- Keep the products in their original containers.

- Follow the instructions for use that appear on the labels.

- Do not store together different types of products (food, toxic, etc.).

Damián Montero

Video: Preventing Burns and Scalds - Safety in the Domestic Kitchen

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