Banning smartphones is not the solution to the use of new technologies in class

The new technologies they have been integrated into everyone's day-to-day lives. In some cases its use can be controversial because its abusive use can lead to problems ranging from lack of attention to leaving people with whom they share moments. An example of the first consequence is the presence of smartphones in class.

But is the solution to prohibit the use of new technologies in class? Or is it worth more to give the basic notions for a correct use? From the Spanish Confederation of Associations of Parents of Students, CEAPA, are in favor of the second option. From this organization it is recognized that the presence of new technologies is undeniable and that these can have many advantages if they can be used.

Smartphone and classes

From CEAPA it is clear, the use of new technologies can have great benefits on the development of the smallest. In particular, this organization summarizes its position on the smartphones in the following points:

- Prohibit is not the solution. According to CEAPA, the prohibition is the solution; we must adapt to the century in which we live and not turn our backs on the new technologies that are in the daily lives of our sons and daughters.

- Responsible use. We must educate the children to make responsible use of new technologies, in this case mobile phones.

- The solution would be aimed at making it the school board of each center which, in a consensual manner, reaches an agreement to delimit or allow the times and places where mobile can be used.

The participation of the family is undoubtedly very important for this purpose and therefore CEAPA advises that all household members be involved in the education of the youngest for the following reasons

- Increase the participation of families in educational bodies. Because families are part of the educational community and the formation of our sons and daughters is the most important task for us both inside and outside the classroom.

- Create an explicit regulation. That the voice of the families be heard during the process of creation of the National Education Pact. It is urgent to create an explicit regulation that reflects the real participation of families.

- Return the decision-making power to the school councils, and making the school really democratic would guarantee the success of the center.

Correct use of new technologies

As has been said, the need for the family to get involved in the education of the little ones is very important. This goes to inculcate good habits in what the use of new technologies is concerned. Since Friendly Screens The following tips are offered:

- Limit the use. The main task must be the control of the amount and time of use. In the case of the Internet and videogames, you have to establish both a time limit to the day and a few time slots of use that guarantee the space for family reunion and correct healthy habits.

- There are programs and services that help us establish a comprehensive control of Internet usage times, types of web services used and web pages that can be visited (content filters).

- Create a climate of non-exclusion and trust around the Internet. Soliciting advice on how to handle email, and the other tools is a great excuse to talk with children about these issues.

- Control the technologies that are provided and the way in which it is done.

- The computer connected to the Internet, in a public place in the house. This is fundamental, almost all the problems that have taken place could have been avoided with this measure.

- Accompany and remain alert. It is important that the little ones do not use the Internet autonomously. If we have a filtering program, perhaps after 10 years, it is feasible to use it without close supervision. It should also be a practice to remain alert if we observe different reactions after a session on the Net.

Damián Montero

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