The students who attend a formative cycle grow

There are many itineraries that a person can follow until he gets his job. Training is very important in the future work of every person and once the compulsory education ends, it is time to think about which path to take. On the one hand, there are university degrees and on the other, training cycles, both those of average level and superiors.

An option that seems to have become more attractive in recent years. This is revealed by the data offered by the Ministry of Education, where it is clear that the students of Vocational training they have grown. An increase that is more evident in the case of higher-level training cycles.

824,281 students in the training cycle

The data for the 2018-2019 course is based on 824,612 students Vocational Training students. Compared with last year's data, the increase is 2.5%, in absolute numbers the figure is 19,783 more. Attending to the different modalities of formative cycles, the one that grows more is the one of superior degree.

The students that attend a formative cycle of superior degree in this 2018-2019 course is from 408.607, an increase of 15,076 more students, an increase of 3.8%. They also grow, although to a lesser extent, the Basic Vocational Training that figures its enrolled in 73,724, 2.1% more than those enrolled in the previous academic year, 1,538 more if we look at absolute figures.

Finally, Vocational Training of Medium Degree It figures its students at 342,281, a growth of 0.9% compared to the previous year and 15,076 students in absolute numbers. By communities, Andalusia represents 17.6% of those enrolled in training courses and in second place Catalonia with 16.3% of the national total and the podium is closed by the Community of Madrid with 11.8%.

Vocational Training as an option

Is Vocational Training a option? Of course, yes, as valid as a university career and that opens a path for those students who do not find in the offer of faculties an itinerary adjusted to their demands. The higher grades are the studies closest to the reality of the labor market and respond to the current need for employment demand of qualified personnel specialized in the different professional sectors.

As indicated by the Ministry of Education to the teaching of vocational training not only can students who choose them as a second educational option, either for having previously left the studies (of a general or professional nature), or because they have decided to change their educational itinerary.

Higher-level Vocational Training is presented as an attractive, accessible and high-quality option that will facilitate flexible teaching very close to the social and business reality, which will allow you to adapt to the diversification of tasks and different jobs and at the end will facilitate a successful employment in what the student has been trained for. Therefore, higher grades are the fastest and safest way to access a first job.

Damián Montero

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