Body expression in children, why is it so important?

A person can be communicate with another in different ways. Although the word is the most used tool, the posture and the way in which the body moves also has much to say. For this reason it is very important to teach the little ones to take advantage of these skills to be able to transmit to the rest without needing to articulate any sound.

There are many elements that intervene in the corporal expression and that we must teach to use the smallest ones. For this, the University of Valladolid offers a series of tips through one of its teaching units so that families can develop these skills.

Importance of body expression

In this didactic unit, the need to teach how to express oneself with the body is justified since it is a tool where different areas come into play. intervene in the development of children: social, cognitive, linguistic, motor and affective. Working on this way of transmitting messages means intervening in all these areas at the same time.

For example, teaching how to use the hands to transmit messages will help the child not only learn to communicate a message, but also to be aware of your own body and the possibilities it offers. On the other hand, children learn not only to transmit words, but to be aware of their feelings and to give them forms through these transmission techniques.

The corporal expression enriches and increases its communicative possibilities, contributes to the domain of the space, to the knowledge of the own body and that of others, as well as the exploration of motor possibilities; especially in this stage of early childhood education. Situation that is because it is at this time when they are beginning to relate, to understand and to use both verbal and non-verbal communication.

Elements of body expression

What elements intervene in the corporal expression? It is worth highlighting the following:

- The body. It is an expressive instrument because it is the source of information about moods, both for the person who expresses and for those who observe the expression. In addition to corporal expression, body anatomy and its functioning are learned, as well as the iconographic corporal attitude, that is to say, the corporal outline (clogal intuition of the body itself.

- Emotions. The manifestation of emotion through gestures, body and voice is authentic; for this reason, the human being from an early age is able to distinguish the different types of emotions through the observation of the facial expression, the intonation of the voice, its intensity, the rhythm and the accent of the phrase.

- The gesture. The gesture is a language. In effect, it not only serves to capture the world around us and establish some contact with objects, but also communicates our intention to others.

- The movement. It is one of the elements of motor behavior and has four fundamental components. These are: the object, what is moving; the space and the sense, in what direction; the intensity, with what energy; and the duration, for how long.

- The posture. It is the easiest nonverbal key to discover and observe. Through it you can recognize a person.

Damián Montero

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