Ingredients for a perfect salad

The full salads perfectly represent the single dish model, a method to set up a complete and balanced menu, with a sufficient supply of vegetables, quality protein and carbohydrates. The green salad was the most consumed dish in Spanish households during 2017, according to the Report on Food Consumption in Spain 2017 made by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA).

And is that salads are a perfect choice for all those who want to eat healthy and do not have much time or great notions for cooking and also admit many combinations adapted to individual tastes or needs.

But when it comes to preparing a salad, it is important to consider certain considerations that will help create a complete dish. In this sense, experts in nutrition highlight the model of the healthy single dish, a method to configure complete, balanced menus with a sufficient contribution of each macronutrient.

What should the perfect salad carry?

According to this model, a perfect salad should distribute its ingredients in the following way:

1. Vegetables and vegetables. A quarter of the dish should consist of preferably fresh, local and seasonal vegetables.

2. Protein foods. A quarter of the dish should contain foods rich in protein such as animal foods such as fresh meat, fish, eggs, seafood or any other protein.

3. Carbohydrates. Another quarter of the dish should include foods rich in quality carbohydrates: legumes, whole grains such as pasta, rice or quinoa, as well as tubers such as potato or sweet potato, seeds, etc.

4. Dressing, of extra virgin olive oil, which brings great aroma and flavor and, above all, great health properties.

5. Water as the main drink to accompany the salad.

6. Dessert, if included, opt for fresh and seasonal fruit.

Following these recommendations it is possible to make dishes with a sufficient supply of vegetables, quality protein and carbohydrates adaptable to all population groups of any age and physical condition.

Marina Berrio
Advice. Team Krissia

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