Change course: 4 original new ways to travel

Tourism is evolving rapidly to the rhythm of social changes and new forms of travel are emerging that involve choosing trips based on our hobbies, such as gastronomy or series, or living the experience of traveling without knowing the destination.

Far from the choice of cultural tourism, tourists are becoming increasingly ambitious and prefer the experience, a very important capital for all types of public, including families. Many parents already know that the memories that have the most life in their memories are those associated with an emotion and they want their children to remember those wonderful moments they can experience while traveling with them and open their minds in distant places, but that Yes, in the company of his parents.

4 original new ways of traveling as a family

Some of these new ways of traveling are very original. Many of them, previously unthinkable, are spreading through the minds of travelers from around the world that encompass the phenomenon called "new tourism". These are the most surprising and usual at the same time:

1. Travel geeks for the whole family. Becoming a fan of series and movies is no longer something unique for geeks. Traveling to visit the mythical locations of our favorite series has already become a must very common among all types of tourists. Hampshire (Downtonw Abbey), Dubrovnik (Game of Thrones), Birminghan (Peaky Blinders), London (Sherlock Holmes or Harry Potter) or Dublin (Penny Dreadful) are the fashion cities that star in the scenarios of these series. To visit them special tours have been created, something very different from the classic cultural tours, which will make you feel part of the series during your visit.

2. Distance is no longer a problem. Take a plane or two, because it is necessary to make the next connection to the destination, it is no longer a problem. It is more many travelers prefer to spend the night in the destination in transit to take advantage of and get to know the city. A new opportunity to visit an unknown place or to see again that restaurant, museum or location that you liked so much.

3. Living experience is the goal. Live as do the inhabitants of a particular place on the planet participating in their customs, making their crafts or their typical dishes ... have turned orange tourism into the king of travel experiences. But, in parallel, another kind of surprise tourism has emerged, who do not care, they love to visit again a place they have already seen or where they have been to return to their favorite restaurant, visit that wonderful street again In a different season of the year, travel those places by train or bicycle ...

4. The trip itself. The goal of new tourism is much more original than the destination itself, is the activity that we can do there. Many of the trips are made to take the best beer in the world, the most exquisite ice cream ... when it comes to gastronomic tourism, or to listen to the music groups that we like the most, to attend the premieres of theater or cinema, visit book fairs ... if we talk about culture or festivals. These thematic trips have turned the show into the most important illusion of the trip itself.

In addition, finding groups of people related to the same plan is becoming easier thanks to the Internet. Finding people who like your own television series, tasting the delicacies of gastronomic tourism, visiting book fairs, videogames ... is becoming easier thanks to the specialization also of the agencies in this type of travel. So much so that today it is even easier to organize a trip to attend an event than to know a specific place. The experience is the number one goal for this new generation, which aims to turn travel into pleasant moments full of sensations and experiences to enjoy.

Marisol Nuevo Espín
Advice:Alberto Alcolea, Ceo of WowTrip

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