The work of 31% of university students does not exist at present, according to a report

The new times bring many novelties, from more modern devices to jobs that did not exist before. In fact, many university students who are currently pursuing their career believe that the work they will do professionally, still does not exist today.

Data that emerges from the report prepared by Kaspersky Lab. A work who has been interested in the professional perspectives of Spanish university students when they finish their studies. In this report students have also been questioned about their perspectives on the future of work that could await them with the advancement of new technologies, tools that would be able to replace them in their position.

A job that does not exist

When asking Spanish university students, 31% of them consider that they are preparing for a job title that still does not exist Percentage that rises up to 40% at a general level. Among the works that these students expect to see in a few years stand out:

- Tele-surgeon. Surgeons will no longer have to be physically in the operating room, instead, they will operate smart machines remotely without touching their patients.

- Specialists in the interaction between humans and robots. Robots and humans will work side by side, so robots will need to learn the complexities of human emotions and, on the other hand, humans will have to better understand how robots work.

- Augmented reality architect. This area is nothing new, but an evolution of a millenarian discipline. Architects will be able to build RA (Augmented Reality) versions of their work, which will help in the construction process and allow clients to visualize their work.

- Smart home developer. The houses will no longer be empty spaces to fill. Instead, a smart home developer will build an ecosystem tailored to the owner's habits, needs, space and family.

- Fashion designer of 3D prints. Clothing stores could be a thing of the past as 3D designs advance. With 3D printing, new types and styles of clothing will become very popular.

Labor prospects

Whether the job exists or not, it is clear that young people should give their best to find a job. These are some tips from OMF Bussiness School:

- Initiative and trust. Providing a creative point of view is always an added value. You have to rely on each one's own skills to put them into practice without mistakes.

- Analysis capacity. You have to know how to read the situations and requirements of the company to start up the necessary skills.

- Planning and time management. Priorities must be established and translated into action plans and shaped in a work schedule.

Damián Montero

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