Putting yourself to study, question of emotional intelligence

Get to study It is an obligation for children that requires a lot of willingness to want to learn. To achieve this, it is essential to educate in emotional intelligence. The regulation of emotions is the starting point to instill such important aspects as motivation, confidence, autonomy, the spirit of self-improvement and responsibility. These are the best bases for success, and not just of a school nature, but for a professional future and staff.

Analyzing the objectives set by our educational system - or even ourselves as parents when it comes to finding the best school - we do not stop taking into account all the academic aspect: bilingualism, the average grade to enter the university, etc. ... we could say that there is a certain social obsession with the results and not so much because of that delicate process that these important years contain.

Many children have excessive academic demands in which they must reach some goals through study, but do not have the tools to achieve it. For get to study by own will, without having to ask many times, you should not only attend to the content of what we want our child to learn, but also how we present it to them.

Ideas to apply emotional intelligence to my son / daughter

These are some ideas that can help us integrate emotional intelligence into learning:

1. Do not focus on the notes: you have to take care of the process and not so much the result. If we know that a child is investing an effort, each at their level, in achieving a goal, and then the result is not adjusted, we must always recognize that work done.

2. Not rewarding with the material: A physical gift is not the best way to motivate with the study, since something material does not cease to be ephemeral and with limited value. An alternative is to personally recognize the great effort you have made, including searching for a day to be able to give yourself that prize, making a special plan with your family or with one of the parents.

3. Learn from failures: the punishment for the suspense is very tempting but unconstructive. It must be analyzed why it has happened: lack of study, difficulties when doing the exam, poor organization, poor understanding of the subject * Where is the failure? How can we solve it? What do we have to learn?

4. Give them the tools and do not do the work: In the study it is very important that children learn to organize themselves. Instead of personally taking your school agenda, it is better to teach them how they can do it. In this way, after the indications we can accompany you at the beginning to review how they are doing and give possible corrections and improvements. Once automated and learned, they must do it alone.

5. Educate in responsibility: is the study the greatest obligation that children have and to instill the desire and the duty to take it forward is very beneficial to educate them from small in the responsibility. From home it can be done with small domestic tasks, that only they are responsible, in such a way that if they do not do it, nobody else will do it for them. It is important to reinforce this role they have in the house and thanks to them that task remains.

Therefore, let's pamper the wonderful process that is learning to get the best out of our children and teach them to develop those skills so necessary for their future, which give them the foundations of their personality. Taking care of the process, the results arrive; watering the plant, you get a beautiful fruit.

Belén de Toro Mingo. Neuropsychologist Infantojuvenil de Psicólogos Pozuelo

Video: Daniel Goleman Introduces Emotional Intelligence

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