A new study recalls the dangers of walkers for children

They can seem like a big help for the little ones. The walkers They are presented as an ideal complement for children to learn to walk and can move around the house. However, this article becomes a danger because on the one hand they do not fulfill their mission, that of favoring the development of this skill in minors, and on the other they become a generator of accidents.

Now, a new study presented in the journal Pediatrics recalls the dangers of walkers in the smallest. A work that puts on the table a great truth: these items can become a real danger, especially in those homes with stairs and that show how not to use them makes the children's day-to-day lives safer.

Less walkers, fewer accidents

The study entitled Lesions in babies related to walkers in U.S has collected data on childhood accidents between 1990 and 2014. In all this time a total of 230,676 children under 15 months were treated by the US emergency services after a mishap with one of these products.

The study data reveal that injuries in children related to a walker have dropped by 84.5% between 1990 and 2003. A decrease related to voluntary safety that bet on immobile activity centers as an alternative to walkers.

However, those responsible for this work indicate that the number of accidents that are still recorded related to walkers make evident the need to ban these items.

Hazards of walkers

The heads of the American Academy of Pediatrics also remember the dangers of the walkers for the little ones. Risks such as the following:

- Falls down the stairs. Derived from these mishaps are broken bones and serious injuries to the head.

- Suffer burns. A child using a walker can get burned by reaching objects in high places and grab the handles of the boiling pots or reach the radiators.

- Drowning. A child may fall into a pool or bathtub when in the walker.

- Poisoning. Reaching objects that produce intoxication in high places is much easier in a walker.

Damián Montero

Video: Doctors push to ban baby walkers

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