All discounts for being a large family

Being a large family in Spain can have many benefits. State and regional institutions offer a series of grants and deductions in many aspects of family life such as housing, education, transportation, etc. These aids vary sometimes depending on the autonomous community.

A large family is understood to be that formed by parents and three or more children. There are two categories: general, with three or four children; and special, with five or more. There are some circumstances in which this division may vary. Children with some kind of disability, for example, will compute as two to determine the category to which the family belongs. The benefits also vary according to this division.

General discounts for being a large family

1. Culture Large families have a discount on the tickets to all the museums and cultural centers in Spain that are owned by the State.

2. Transportation. Public transport has discounts for large families. In the case of Madrid, Valencia and Catalonia, the discount is 20% for the general category, and 50% for the special category.

3. Education. Large families will have a discount of 50% in the general category and total exemption in special category, in the public education field, including university fees and exam fees.

4. Specific deduction. This deduction, from € 1,200 in the general category and € 2,400 in the special category, It can be applied in the Income Tax Return or receive your advance payment at a rate of 100 euros per month. In order to benefit, it is necessary to be active in Social Security, although it also applies to the unemployed who are receiving the subsidy and to pensioners.

5. ID card or passport. Exemption in the rates of issuance of DNI or passport for large families. This applies both in the new issuance of the document, and in the renewal due to expiration, theft or loss.

6. Home carer. Large families have a 45% bonus on Social Security contributions when hiring a person to care for children and the home. To receive this benefit, it is necessary that both parents work outside the home or one of them be unable to work, unless it is a special category family.

7. Light. Large families have access to the social bonus of electricity, a social rate that applies a 25% discount on the consumption of electricity, up to a maximum of 3,600 kW per year and, as long as they have a contracted capacity not exceeding 10kW

8. Help for birth. When a child is born or adopted, an aid of 1,000 euros is granted in a single payment, per child. This amount is granted if the family does not exceed certain income per year.

9. Paternity leave. Since the beginning of 2017, paternity leave was extended, equaling five weeks, regardless of the type of family in question.

By Autonomous Communities: benefits for being a large family

There are some benefits for large families that are particular to each autonomous community. Next, we will tell you some of them in the communities of Madrid, Valencia and Catalonia:


The community of Madrid approved a third reduction of the regional scale of Personal Income Tax (IRPF), of 1.7%. This supposes a total deduction of 4.3%. This means a average profit of 205 euros per year.

Also, in terms of housing acquisition, a reduction of 7 to 4% in taxes is applied. Thus, for example, if a large family buys a used home for a value of 300,000 euros, it will save 9,000; which means 43% of the tax.


In Valencia, a regional deduction of 300 euros is applied for large families of general category and 600 for special.


In this autonomous community, with respect to university education, deductions for large families are applied in the equity scholarships. This implies a deduction of € 525 for each brother or sister; and € 800 in the general category.

Residents in Catalonia can also apply a deduction for the birth or adoption of a child. In the individual declaration, 150 euros for each of the parents; and 300 euros in a joint statement.

Isabel López Vásquez

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