How to avoid infections in children, learn to strengthen the immune system of your children

The colds, infections and some other viruses are classics in the back to school. A very typical scene is that of the child who comes to the healthy center and returns showing symptoms of some condition of this style. So much time together with colleagues who suffer from these health problems in a closed environment, as well as physical contact through the game or greetings explain why this usual situation happens.

However there is an answer to this problem. Improving the immune system of the students will have a positive impact on the daily lives of the youngest children and will prevent infections how common they are at the beginning of the course, they end up disembarking at home and affecting all the members of the same.

Avoid infections

Is there a formula that increases the defenses of the little ones? From the Spanish Association of Pediatrics and Primary Care, AEPap, explain that in the market there are some immunostimulants that have been shown to be valid to strengthen the immune system of children. The first of these vaccines, so the importance of complying with the calendar of these injectables is remembered.

It also warns that today there are several products that are advertised as immunostimulant, although there is no commercial preparation that has proven effective in preventing colds and respiratory infections, based on sufficient quality studies. That is why its use is not recommended. It is necessary to carry out more and more rigorous studies.

Some examples of the latter are:

- Products based on vitamins (A, D, C) and minerals (Zinc).

- Plant derivatives.

- Derived from the bacteria or fungi themselves.

Routines to maintain

Apart from the products that help improve the immune system of the smallest, there are a series of routines that help keep infections away. Some examples are:

- Breastfeeding. The mother's defenses pass to the child through breast milk. It also favors the development of a healthy microbial flora in the child's organism.

- Frequent hand washing. It is very simple to perform and very effective.

- Balance diet. A varied diet allows us to obtain the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that our body needs for proper functioning, including our immune system.

- Avoid passive smoking. Not only the direct contact with the smoke, also with the clothes, the hair ...

- Habits of healthy life. Regular exercise, adequate sleep hours, rest between study hours, etc. They have to be regular companions in the day to day of the children.

Damián Montero

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