Mosquitoes do not rest in autumn

With the arrival of autumn and after the return to school, sometimes, it is considered that the mosquito season has ended, leaving the concerns until the following year. However, it is important not to forget that mosquitoes do not rest, but continue to sting during the fall.

The mosquitoes, like all insects, have their life cycle directly linked to environmental conditions and are favored by high temperatures. At low temperatures its activity decreases to the point of remaining in a resting state and its life cycle stops. However, each year the traditionally warmer season lasts longer, making the season of bites more and more extensive.

The sting of the mosquito

The bite of the mosquito causes a welt that can persist from a few hours to several days and generates itching, always depending on the sensitivity of each person. In particularly sensitive people, they may present blisters with liquid content.

The insect is attracted by body odor and heat, the carbon dioxide that is released when breathing, humidity and the movement of the host. Body odor is enhanced by body perspiration and depends on many factors, but there are two main factors: on the one hand, the bacteria on the skin; and on the other, the attractant chemical compounds such as carbon dioxide (which also breaks off when breathing), lactic acid, ammonia, carboxylic acid and octenol.

Protection is essential in outdoor activities

Throughout the autumn, outdoor activities do not cease, nor does the danger of mosquito bites. The little ones, in their return to the school routine, enjoy both the time of recess and excursions or outdoor activities outside the school, situations in which they can be attacked by insects. Not in vain, it should be remembered that the tiger mosquito is active throughout the day, from sunrise to sunset.

The return to work hours, coupled with the heat that still accompanies us in this time, makes it go out to train outdoors, either on the street or in the field, in twilight hours, at which time we can be victims of mosquito bites.

In addition, the weekend outings, to take advantage of the good weather that is usually done in September, are another reason why we should not forget the protection against bites. We should not take our options against stings out of our bag or backpack; since they can help us to be prepared before these cases.

OTC Anti-mosquito, efficacy and long-term protection

The best prevention is to avoid any possible breeding point. For example, eliminate any standing water, large or small volume. Placing mosquito nets on doors and windows to prevent them from entering the house can be another way to prevent insects, as well as respect insectivorous animals (dragons, lizards, frogs, birds such as swallows, swifts, dragonflies and bats).

However, the use of repellents of proven efficacy, such as OTC Antimosquitos, offers complete protection against a broad spectrum of insects. Different studies show that the most effective products are those that contain chemicals such as IR3535, Icaridine and DEET.

OTC Antimosquitos offers two types of products adapted to your preferences. The main component of products aimed at those who seek high efficiency without sacrificing safety is the IR3535 while those who seek the natural without sacrificing high efficiency you will find products whose main component is Citriodiol (Eucalyptus Citriodora).

The range of OTC Anti-mosquitoes is suitable for use during pregnancy, for breastfeeding mothers and for children from 3 years of age, although there is a range adapted from 1 year, ideal for the little ones, with a lotion without preservatives or dyes .

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