Today's young people recover optimism for their future

The economic crisis has had consequences for all. These years ago many families saw how the jobs that assured a household sustenance were in danger and not only that, but also those who kept their jobs saw how salaries became more precarious. Not even a higher level of education ensured a employment stability.

With the passage of time, the situation has recovered and it seems that with it, the illusion of generations more young boys. If a few years ago students who were just beginning to enter the labor market were more fearful about their future, now it seems that optimism arises again in their minds. This is indicated by the Goalkeepers survey prepared by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

General optimism

The increase in optimism is not something that belongs to just one country. This is indicated by this survey that has collected the opinion of 40,000 young people of more than 12 years inhabitants of nations as different as Australia, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, the United States and Saudi Arabia. The results were clear, a population of between 12 and 24 years of lower-middle income areas imagined their future better than the rest.

An optimism that not only referred to his future but extended to other fields such as the future of his country. What are these? sensations? The survey data indicated that the new generations thought that they will be able to influence the policies that mark their future.

Another fact related to the latter is that the 64% of the respondents in countries with medium and low incomes believe that they will have a better future than their parents. In countries where the economic level is higher, this percentage remains at 39%.

Work a good future

While optimism helps to achieve a good future, we must not forget that we must also strive and work for this future. Since IMF Business School They wanted to analyze what are the 3 main aspects to improve employability:

- Initiative and trust. Starting to perform a new task involves making decisions and taking responsibility for one's actions. Knowing how to anticipate the consequences will alleviate the number of errors.

- Analysis capacity. What capacities are possessed? How can the weak points be improved? Knowing a job offer well will help answer this question after a good analysis.

- Good time management You have to establish priorities, there are many steps that must be taken. Establishing a good calendar to distribute the work is a big step.

Damián Montero

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