Park your mobile to study: how to practice digital silence

New digital technologies have become a fundamental factor in our lives and those of our children. Beyond the benefits of tools such as mobile phones or tablets, the virtual environment presents challenges in daily life and in education that it is necessary to learn to manage.

In his book The art of studying at home (Teconté, 2016)Luis Manuel Martínez highlights the importance of creating certain habits that go beyond simple rules when dealing with new technologies. It is essential to learn to live in the digital world, which implies the development of personal attitudes. This, without a doubt, will have effects in the scope of the study of our children.

A new way of living with information

Information and communication technologies currently offer new support to do the homework and work of the school or institute. Also, they have meant a change in the way in which we coexist with the information that surrounds us. Young people today are surrounded by large amounts of data and sources that they must learn to filter.

To process such large volumes of information it is important that children and adolescents know where to go, learn to distinguish and contrast sources, question the data that the Internet provides and reflect on them. It is necessary, in short, to cultivate a reflective attitude.

To facilitate this reflection in a world full of so much digital noise, it is necessary to find moments of silence during the study, in which all the visual and sound stimuli typical of digital tools are left aside. Also, at times when technology is necessary, our children must learn to manage these elements in an enriching way.

How to create a digital silence to study

To do this, here are some tips you can follow to create a good virtual environment at home, where digital silence is a maxim that helps you concentrate without distractions for a few hours of effective study.

1. Have a mobile parking when entering the house. It is necessary, from time to time, to put aside technologies because they generate saturation and do not allow people to connect with the family and home environment. One way to do it is to have a mobile parking lot like this, that you can download and print, where to deposit it when you get home and pick it up to leave.

                               Download the Digital Parking of Thisfamilywelove

2. Keep the phone turned off while studying or going to sleep. It is difficult to resist the temptation to look at the mobile, especially when you are doing a task that may seem tedious or boring as studying. It is necessary to remove the children from these temptations and create an environment without interruptions so that they can concentrate

3. Help them plan the navigation. Internet has many benefits, but many times young people surf the web for hours idle, without having a specific goal. This is how much time is lost, so it is advisable that they do not enter the Internet if they do not have a clear goal.

4. Protect digital silence times. It is advisable to encourage activities that are not related to digital media. Reading, sports, family conversations, among many others, are activities that enrich the day to day and serve as digital "dextro".

5. Discuss in adolescence. It is necessary, instead of simply establishing rules or prohibitions, to explain to young people their positive meaning. It is necessary to listen to adolescents and show interest in their activities and hobbies, including those that are developed in social networks, with respect to build trust.

6. Create a schedule and some basic rules. It is advisable to establish a specific time to use digital tools, limit the number of times social networks or email are watched, or disconnect devices during the night.

Isabel López Vásquez

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