Exercise against the ailments in the back of schoolchildren

The return to school not only involves returning to exams, homework, classes, reunions with friends, etc. It also involves the confrontation against problems such as the ailments derived from the day to day of the students. Among the most repeated problems are the conditions of back derived from loading the backpacks or maintaining the same position throughout the day.

For this reason, and coinciding with the first weeks of the return to school, the Collegial Medical Organization, WTO, and the Spanish Network of Researchers in Back Pain, REIDE, have launched the Campaign for the Prevention of Injuries of the Back among Spanish schoolchildren. A tool with which to reach the little ones and let them see the importance of watch out from this area of ​​the body through activities as recommended as sports.

Preventive habits

Those responsible for this campaign emphasize that up to 6 years The presence of back pain in children is exceptional. It is from 10 years when the youngest begin to complain about these ailments. At age 15, 51% of boys and 69% of girls already know what it is to suffer from these problems.

For this reason it becomes clear the importance of establishing preventive habits during the childhood of the children. Since the 6 at 10 years old It is time to establish routines that prevent the smallest suffer these ailments, or at least reduce their effects to the maximum. Among all the tips that are offered this campaign, one in particular stands out: sports.

Experts indicate that more than the type of sport chosen is the way to do it which helps prevent back pain. Equally important is to maintain it over time and that this practice is maintained as a usual routine. Physical exercise helps the spine to acquire its definitive form, and exerts a good influence on general health throughout life.

Establish exercise habits

The mission of the parents is to establish exercise habits, as recommended by those responsible for this campaign. These are some keys to achieve this and that will allow the little ones to avoid the ailments usual:

- Encourage children to participate in activities. Many are the invitations that the smallest ones receive to participate in activities, to discourage them only will favor the sedentarismo. The attitude of the parents must be the opposite.

- Establish a regular schedule of physical exercise so that these activities eventually become routines.

- Highlight the positive parts of sport as fun.

- Bet on the "invisible exercise": climb the stairs instead of the elevator, cover small distances walking instead of taking the car, etc.

Damián Montero

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