14 years, age at which children should access social networks, according to most parents

Avoiding access to new technologies is impossible today. From computers to smartphones and tablets, today's society lives surrounded by these devices that, in their own way, make people's lives easier by allowing access to endless information and communication with people who live on the other side of the world. However, the use of these devices also entails responsibility.

At what age is a person able to manage their own devices? The study Technology in Childhood: Necessity or Capriciousness has been interested in the opinion of a total of 2,000 people between 18 and 55 years. A sample that has answered questions that cover from the right moment to give a smartphone to children or to have an account in social networks.

Importance of control

As has already been said, avoiding the access of younger generations to new technologies is impossible. The so-called digital natives see in computers, smartphones and tablets a portal from which to access information for their school work, homework and any other academic need. A situation that most respondents know.

For this reason, 94% of the participants in this study consider that controlling the use that children make of the internet is very important. Only 9% of them believe that children's access to the network should be unlimited before 14 years. It is precisely in this age where most parents place the border between having a social media account or not.

64% of parents believe that children should not access social networks until the age range that ranges from 14 at 16. Even 20% of the participating parents think that the ideal would be to wait until they come of age. However, this data is opposed to another found in the same study. And is that 46% of respondents with children believe that preventing their access to smartphones can exclude them from their social life.

What is clear is that the older, more concern about the dangers of the Internet. 13% of young people among 18 and 24 years It coincides with the idea that the access of the smallest to the online world and new technologies must be unlimited. Percentage that falls to 7% in the case of those over 45 years.

The first smartphone, at 13 years old

In this study we have also analyzed the age at which the youngest access their own devices. 13 years is the average to which parents recognize having bought their children their first smartphone. Of course, when the respondents are asked, differences are verified in when they got their smartphone.

Young people among 18 and 24 years They acknowledge that they received their first mobile phone at around 14 years old. Those who belong to the section between 25 and 34, at 16 and finally, those between 35 and 44 at 22. And at what age do the respondents consider that one of these devices should be accessed?

65% of respondents say that the smallest should have their first smartphone after 14, one year later than what actually happens. In fact, it calls the Attention that 31% of young people aged 18 to 24 think that children would have to have their first telephone in the 15 to 16 age range. Only a small group of the total respondents (18%) said that the 12 would be a good time for children to have their first terminal.

Damián Montero

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