Satisfaction with school drops with the age of schoolchildren

The return to school is synonymous with September for all families. After a vacation of enjoyment, rest, and some review to not lose the level, you have to return to sit at the desk to succeed in the new course. How do schoolchildren feel about this change? Are they comfortable in the classroom or do they think there should have been some changes before this return?

It seems not, at least as the students grow. A data that they offer in the report Indicators commented on the state of the Spanish educational system 2018 that elaborate of joint form the Foundation Ramon Areces and European Foundation Society and Education. And is that as shown in the pages of this work, as the students they get older, the satisfaction with the school drops.

From taste to dislike

The data in this study show how around the 11 years the evaluation of the school is "balanced". Around 50% of this group of students says they are satisfied with their school, while the other half indicates the opposite. Considering the sex of the students, 55% of the girls affirm that they like their school, for 44% of the boys.

The percentage decreases among students of 13 years, age group in which 23% of the students claim to be satisfied with their school, while the percentage among boys is 20%. At 15 years the percentage drops again to 17% and 13%.

Data that translates into school dropout. In Spain, the number of students leaving their academic careers at school is 18,3%, percentage that is only surpassed by Malta where the figures are 18.6%. Those responsible for this report emphasize that it is important to find the mechanisms through which students are motivated to be able to find the necessary comfort to meet their academic objectives.

In this sense, teachers are reminded of the importance of knowing how to react to their students. The way in which the outer world evaluates the results has a great influence on the perception of the capacities that are possessed. Helping to build a positive mindset is something that concerns both teachers in the classroom and parents at home.

How to motivate the little ones

What can parents do to motivate the little ones? From the Spanish Confederation of Associations of Parents of Students, CEAPA, several tips are given in this regard. A first step is to make children see the importance of achieving their goals, these should represent the main reward for the sacrifice of effort.

From a better work perspective to a better vision of oneself. Make the child see that today's effort will be a benefit in the future. important. Work must also be done to improve the self-esteem of children:

- The expectations of parents should always be consistent with the abilities of the little ones.

- Parents should make children see that they have a great concept of them and that they trust fully in their abilities.

- Make them aware that their achievements correspond to their work and not to external factors.

Damián Montero

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