12 ideas to prevent jealousy among brothers

The problems between brothers must be solved by them, except if they are serious, then we must intervene. Dedicate time alone to each child, attending them exclusively at certain times, to feel that we are for them and show that we love them and tell them are recommendations that we can put parents in order to get along better.

A good way to analyze conflicts will be to communicate with each other, for siblings to talk about their differences and to say what they can not "stand" for each other. Keeping track of the reasons for the fights can make us discover, both to them and to us, the parents, the true origin and the causes that arouse them.

Analyze if someone in the family unconsciously has differential treatment for the other brother. Sometimes it happens that we do things that he or she perceives as a preference for the other. This does not mean that we should give up showing affection to the "causative" child of jealousy.

12 ideas to prevent jealousy among brothers

We probably can not prevent our children from feeling jealous, but we can prevent worrisome situations:

1. Do not treat all children in the same way, but to each according to their needs and according to their way of being. What we did with one, may not work with another; what for one was positive, for another can be negative.

2. Encourage each child to have their own environment where they feel valued and successful. For that reason, we do not have to insist on doing the same activities, but on the contrary, we must promote that each one triumphs in its scope. If one stands out a lot in a sport, it would not be good for the other to practice the same if we do not have the certainty that he will also stand out; in that way, we avoid comparisons.

3. Never make comparisons between them. We will be fostering rivalry and envy.

4. Let them see the advantages of having siblings. They provide help and company, we can play with them, they are good confidants *

5. Set an example. If parents fight in front of their children, they will be learning to fight.

6. Look for aspects in which siblings can collaborate: academic help, take charge of something in common, collaborate when buying a gift for another member of the family, save together for the same project *

7. Have a good relationship with our brothers. If they perceive that our fraternal ties are not good, we will not have the moral strength to teach them to live with their brothers.

8. Always make the corrections alone.

9. Keep in mind that fraternal envies They are stronger when parents are very aware. You have to know how to keep distances knowing how to stay on the sidelines when the situation is not alarming. Generally, when the parents are not there, the children fight less.

10. Take care of the way other family members act as grandparents, uncles, godparents *, which can encourage jealousy among brothers. "Being the favorite of the grandfather" or "the guy's plugged in", can become elements that distort fraternal coexistence.

11. Educate them in generosity. It is happier sharing.

12. Distribute orders between all the members of the family according to age. In this way, they will perceive the home as something common where they live better if everyone collaborates.

Pilar Guembre Pedagogue
Carlos Goñi. Professor of philosophy

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