The best amusement parks in Europe: come and enjoy!

Europe has a wide variety of amusement parks where you can spend an unforgettable weekend with your family. Surely your children would like to spend a couple of days enjoying a good adrenaline rush. If you are looking for fun and new sensations in the company of your children, discover the classification of the best amusement parks in Europe.

Just one or two hours by plane you can discover the best of the amusement parks in Europe.

The largest amusement parks in Europe

It is striking that the second extension is precisely Spanish. Port Aventura has more than 8,200 square meters and in its gardens there are more than 300,000 plants and trees of 270 different species from all over the world.

The parks with the most roller coasters in Europe

Although Poland tops the list, this is only temporary because it is planned to open a new amusement park in Ankara, Turkey, where all visitors can enjoy 17 roller coasters, of which 6 will be external.

Classification of the best parks for families

According to its best price for a night of accommodation and additional water park, Energylandia, in Zator, Poland, is drawn as the first on the list.

The oldest parks in Europe

Did you know that the first amusement park built in Europe dates back to 1932? It was the Danes who first dared to build such a park in the city of Klampenborg.

Russian mountains: the highest in Spain

Vertigo is what produces to know that 112 meters are the height of what is the highest roller coaster in Spain, which is in the Ferrari Land of Salou in Tarragona. It is followed closely by another of the best known, Shambhala, Port Aventura, which reaches up to 75.99 meters in altitude.

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