Talented children, how to get the most out of innate abilities

Everyone has a talent. There are people who are good at singing, others draw, there are those who have a gift for a certain sport and also those who develop perfectly writing stories from their imagination. However, as with a flower, these skills must be worked to prevent them from wilting.

How to get the most out of the talent of the smallest? The mission of the parents is to guide their children along this path so that they know their skills and make the most of them. From enrolling their children in extracurricular activities according to their specialty, to working at home for the same purpose. The only key is not to leave these skills unboosted.

Do not sit still

While having talent is important, working to empower it is also a mission that has to be internalized. Effort is the other necessary ingredient and for this you have to get going and not rely on these innate skills. There are many things that can be done on a day-to-day basis for this purpose:

- Let your imagination come back with the drawing. Those children who demonstrate to have talent for painting, should enhance their imagination and their technique. For this, nothing better than a blank canvas and many colors. The rest must be put into practice by the child, from reproducing a still life to recreating something that only existed in his mind.

- Participate in activities related to your talent. Having a mirror to look at will help shape this talent. From painting exhibitions, to visits to museums and without forgetting musicals or other events.

- Develop your self-esteem. Many times the lack of confidence in themselves makes them not dare to enhance their talent, or even discover it. If their assessment of themselves is enhanced, they will be encouraged to participate in activities related to their innate skills.

- Never compare. All people have their own rhythm. We must accept that children will learn at a somewhat slower speed, you never have to buy the results, but applaud them when they are good.

- Patience. Although talent is innate, working on it can be hard and a long-term activity. The results will come with the effort and patience needed.

Creative extracurricular

Another way to work with talent at home is to bet on creative extracurricular activities. These are some ideas so that the little ones can enhance their skills:

- Theater. Betting on this extracurricular has great benefits such as the following:

It encourages memory by having to internalize dialogues.

It assimilates better the notions of time and space.

Learn to work in a team with the rest of the theater group participants.

It encourages your capacity for expression.

- Drawing:

Fosters the imagination.

Through art, the foundations of his personality are established.

Develop your fine motor skills

Damián Montero

Video: Talent vs Training

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