Destinations to travel with family this Christmas

After the summer, many already think about the next family holidays and we must be prepared to enjoy the best deals. Travelkids and Viajes El Corte Inglés They propose surprising and magical trips with programs that include activities adapted to children, with specialized entertainers, so that the whole family can enjoy a unique getaway in a big way.

The little ones will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in other cultures and customs while the parents enjoy their company and share with their children the passion to travel.
A trip for the whole family with Travelkids and Viajes El Corte Inglés!

In search of Santa Claus

Saariselkä is our destination in Lapland. Located 250 km north of Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle, it is the ideal place to experience this magical family adventure. Its inhabitants, the Samis, will be our hosts during this trip in search of Santa Claus. We will land in Ívalo, the northernmost airport in Finland, and in less than 30 minutes we will arrive at our destination, ready to live our Christmas Tale Travelkids.

Meet LappiKid and his ElfoKids team! LappiKid He is the captain of the Travelkids team of animators, but more importantly, he is Santa's personal assistant. Your first task is to include in the travel documentation a personal invitation for each child, to meet Santa Claus and live a magical adventure in his native land, Lapland. Once there, he and his team have prepared for each day of the trip a multitude of games and activities.

The youngest can enjoy a sleigh ride pulled by huskies or snowmobiles, participate in traditional games such as the Lappish bow, attend the ceremony with a Sami shaman, enter the Angry Birds play area or go to dinner special farewell or end of the year, among other activities. If they behave themselves, LappiKid may reveal the secrets to finding the secret location of Santa among the Lappish forests and thus be able to meet him in person.

Kenya, the great family adventure

This trip is designed for all those who want to enjoy the most adventurous safari, but do not have many days for their vacations. We will visit the most emblematic places of Kenya as the Masai Mara National Reserve, Lake Naivasha and the great Lake Victoria.

We will travel in a truck prepared for this adventure and totally safe combining different types of accommodation (lodge, hotel, tented camp and one night in a camp
Private Travelkids at the gates of Masai Mara) to integrate even more if possible in nature and live a unique experience in the African savannah.

We will travel the African savannah in a truck only for the families of Travelkids and specially prepared for safaris: comfortable and with very good visibility, for a group of up to 22 people, with storage space for suitcases and backpacks, with plugs to charge the mobiles and tablets and space to enjoy a greater field of vision when locating and photographing animals and landscapes. Traveling in this means of transport creates bonds between families and, above all, among the youngest ones, who have the opportunity to live with new friends and share adventures. We will also use from 4x4 vehicles to small plane in the Masai Mara Reserve to take us to the most inaccessible corners of the reserve.

To the meeting of the Magi

After more than 8 years traveling to your meeting, we know that Their Majesties the Magi they have changed their secret route back to our houses. Will we be able to find them?

Fortunately we have the help of ExplorerKid, who after traveling all over the world, passing through the African savannah, the jungle of Costa Rica, the glaciers of Iceland and even getting to know Santa Claus himself in the heart of Lapland, has almost managed to decipher the secret map of the world, but You will need our collaboration to be able to complete it.

With the help of the magic turban that Explorer-Kid will give us, we will try to decipher all the hidden keys and find the exact location of the authentic SS.MM camp. the Three Wise Men crossing infinite dunes, palm groves, oases, abandoned villages and we will do it in 4x4 and dromedaries ... until we find them! Along the way we will have fun with the Tuareg Gymkhana, visit a fossil quarry and a local Berber school and play at the Rissani market with its donkey parking.

At night we will go in search of the most wanted secret camp. If we pay attention to all the signs we will be able to locate the secret caravan of the Magi, who are traveling to our houses and we can hand deliver our letter! In gratitude they will have prepared a detail for each child.

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