Back to school, the most difficult extra expense for large families

What doubt is there that the back to school Is it a big expense for families? Backpacks, textbooks, school supplies, new clothes, etc. Dispenses that make the household economy suffer and that increases even more in those nuclei where there is more than one child.

A situation that is echoed by the Spanish Federation of Large Families, FEN. For this type of homes, back to school It is presented as a difficult expense to face and that makes recovery even more complicated after the holidays. A waste that even surpasses others, also marked in the calendar, like the one presented at Christmas.

Difficult to face

Of all the large families surveyed by FEN, the 50% considers that going back to school is the most difficult expense to face for this type of household. 25%, on the other hand, qualifies holidays in this way. Only 16% indicate that the spending that affects their economy most Christmas and 9% the unforeseen of their day to day.

And is that the situation of large families makes even the fact that in this 2018 return to school is 11.3% cheaper, we must bear in mind that the cost of returning to the classroom must be multiplied by 3. The data offered by the portal of Idealo estimated at 240.2 euros the average will invest per child at this time of year so marked for the pockets of households.

In the case of a large family with three children, some 720, 60 euros. A waste that should be added the subsequent purchase of school supplies or face unforeseen during the course. A situation that many of these households, 48% of them, reveal to present difficulties to reach the end of the month.

Savings in the return to school

The savings measures recommended by entities such as the Organization of Consumers and Users, OCU, can also be applied by large families to try to solve this time so demanding for the household economy:

- Compare prices. Not all shops have the same prices and sometimes comparing the cost of the same product in different establishments can lead to a pleasant surprise. Now, online portals allow families to access catalogs without leaving home.

- Take advantage of offers. As when comparing prices, being interested in the different offers of shops to find cheaper products will be a welcome respite for the family economy.

- Check. To what extent is it necessary to acquire a material? Before going shopping, it is recommended to review what is already possessed. If the backpacks are in good condition, the clothes have not suffered much damage and school supplies such as pencils or pens can continue to be used, the expense will be lower.

- Exchange. Second-hand books can be a good idea to save. Provided the product is in good condition and meets the requirements of the school, this idea is very attractive for the family economy.

- Shopping without temptations. Although they are the protagonists of the return to school, go shopping with them can end up in unnecessary purchases that respond to the temptations of children.

Damián Montero

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