A quarter of the world's population barely moves 22 minutes a day

Everyone is well aware of the importance of the physical activity in everyone's day to day. From the smallest to the oldest they have to move to be able to stay in shape in their day to day. For this purpose, adults should lead by example and exercise so that children have a mirror to reflect on.

But is the minimum daily exercise recommended by the health authorities met? The first study on trends in physical activity developed by the World Health Organization, WHO, collects data on sedentary lifestyles throughout the world. A study that shows that a quarter of the world's population does not carry out any of these practices.

The West at the head of sedentary

Where has a greater increase in sedentary lifestyle been appreciated? According to the data that this study offers, it is in the West where the rates of physical inactivity They have increased to a greater extent. The average in this area of ​​the world is 37%, a percentage that in 2001 was 31%.

However, the good news is that in Spain the data is far from this average and this percentage remains in the 26,8%, Figure that is greater in the case of women, 30.5%, than in that of men, 22.9%. Data that have as reference the practice of two and a half hours of exercise a week, an average of 22 minutes a day.

A fact that shows the life change that parents must carry out in order to become an example for their children. Practicing exercise for the little ones will teach them a valuable lesson on healthy lifestyle habits that will have long-term benefits, such as the prevention of diseases such as diabetes and other conditions related to overweight.

Family exercise

The doctor Beatriz Martínez Pascual, Director of the Health and Sports Area of ​​the European University, offers the following tips for the whole family to put their batteries and practice exercise:

- Know how to choose the sport. There is a lot of sports available, knowing how to choose the one that most suits the tastes of the family will allow everyone to get in trouble.

- Catch up. As has been said, the sporting offer is already very big, but knowing which are the most modern practices will allow us to know if the most up-to-date catalog is more suited to family tastes.

- Dosage. You do not have to go all out from the first day. Proceed gradually until reaching the objectives is the best idea.

- Short-term objectives. Setting affordable and short-term goals will allow families to be excited about seeing their goals achieved.

- Listen to the body. The body sends signals, attending them to avoid health problems is a great idea.

Damián Montero

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