Influencers determine 30 percent of purchases in young people

What brings a person to to buy a certain product? Just as each person is different, different generations have different values ​​to decide what to take home. The quality of the article can be one of these tips to take into account when going shopping. Other people's tips are also a useful guide before facing shop windows.

Advice that can come from familiar people or Relevant figures, as in recent times are the influencers, individuals who acquire relevance on the internet and who have numerous followers who are aware of their day to day to the point of copying aspects of their lives. An upward trend among the younger generations and to make 30% of this sector of the population be guided by these personalities when buying.

Brands and influencers

The study data Radiography of the new universe of luxury elaborated by the EAE Business School The first point to decide a purchase is the brand (46.1%) and the fame it has. A significant fact as the third aspect to take into account to take a product home is the advice of an influencer with some relevance (26.9%). It also has a great importance when choosing articles the opinion of the environment.

"The Youtubers Y Bloggers they burst with force in this list given the growing weight that social networks have been acquiring in shaping public opinion and more specifically in their tastes and preferences. Trend and Luxury are concepts that have come very close to get confused on many occasions, "explain those responsible for this study.

It is not surprising, therefore, that professions with certain social relevance gain ground among the smallest as an option for the future. This was demonstrated by the XIV Adecco Survey What do you want to be of greater. It reflects the values ​​of younger generations with respect to their job position to reach adulthood, especially in the case of children.

In this social group, 18.9% said that soccer player It is the employment of your dreams. It is also a reflection of the changes brought by new technologies that 6.1% of respondents indicate that they want to be youtuber when they reach adulthood.

Influence on children

The importance of this influence It is understandable if you consider how the environment affects the development of children. The construction of the personality is a process where different aspects that range from genetics to external factors such as the people around the child to those individuals who have social relevance meet.

In this sense, the figure of the referent plays a very important role, even becoming a channel of values. There are many "influencers"in the lives of children, from parents (the first figure in which the youngest ones look) to actors, elite athletes or singers, all of them become examples of those who take note to build behaviors.

Therefore it is important to know the references of the youngest, as indicated by a study of the Royal Society of New Zealand, where it was reflected that for example if a child sees a star announcing alcohol, he / she will understand that drinking is an acceptable behavior. Knowing where your children take their values ​​will help them understand them.

Damián Montero

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