Up to 18 months children should not start using screens

Television is one of the companions of every family, almost a member of the household. Among its broadcasts are from interesting documentaries to educational series for the little ones. But, from what age should the relationship between children and this appliance begin? Both in the case of this device, as in tablets, computers or smartphones, pediatricians recommend postponing this moment until the 18 months.

And is that as indicated by the Spanish Society of Out-of-Home Pediatrics and Primary Care, SEPEAP, the relationship between young people and the screens is something that worries from the years in which the cinema began. An attention that has increased in recent times before the increase of addictions to new technologies.

90% of young people use digital devices

Televisions, tablets, smartphones, these are just some of the examples of technologies present in the day to day of all people. Around 44% of children use computers, a percentage that rises to 90% in the case of adolescents. While you can not deny the benefits of using these devices by children, you must also take into account the risks that can lead to misuse.

Among the problems to be highlighted are the following: hinder intrafamilial communication and subtract time for others activitiesexpose minors to false information, or inappropriate content, in addition to exposing them to compromise their privacy. They can also see their dream altered and encourage a sedentary lifestyle.

In its study Addictive Internet Conduct, the European consortium EU Net ADB, defines these problems as "a pattern of behavior characterized by the lost of control about its use, which gradually leads to the isolation and neglect of social relationships, academic and recreational activities, as well as health and personal hygiene. "

Tips for the use of screens in children's development

At what age does each screen correspond? SEPEAP offers the following tips about the use of new technologies for years:

- Until 18 months, avoid exposure to screens.

- From 18 to 24 months, start the viewing of quality programs in the company of parents.

- From 2 to 5 years, vision of quality content, accompanied by parents and maximum one hour a day.

- From age 6 you should look for the balance between the use of screens and other activities typical of their ages.

- Screens should be avoided during meals, study hours and before bedtime.

- The existence of devices in the bedroom should be avoided and ensure that the child practices sufficient physical exercise and has the necessary hours of rest at night.

Damián Montero

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